Thursday, September 03, 2015

dilute fallow dick

When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to youth,  
think of Algebra.

From my northern CA squirrel supplier-  thanks Sue!  It's rare to find stitched squirrels, and this one is particularly well done-  looks like it might have been pieced on an old quilt.

OMG, I simply cannot remember the last time I actually layered and basted a quilt, let alone a gigantic stretch of fabric like this one!  What was I thinking???
This has turned out to be the northwest territory of quilts. It's actually on the small side of being a king quilt so I might even sew on another border if I get this much done.  I am kinda sorry I stopped adding slashes at this point, I think it needs a few more.  Please, turn on the oven for my head to go in.

So far I am two studio days into it and haven't yet covered 1/3 of the territory.  Today I will be in the studio most of the day waiting for a rug delivery so MAYBE I can pass the 1/3 mark and pull it a bit forward to work on the sides next.  Of course, I don't have a clue what I will DO after it's all way can I work this mess under my machine- I'm only one woman!
This sucker just may end up with little tufts of embroidery thread tied hither and yon across the surface-  and oh, how I hate that.  

I do have a tip for you though should you ver get yourself boxed into this corner-  see the roll of blue painters tape near the center of the table?  It's a perfect holder for a spool of thread-  #1 I can find my thread, and #2 it stays put in it's little cage since I am pulling off 2 yard pieces to thread my needle over an over and over. And over.  And #3 it holds the quilt in place taped from the quilt edge around to the bottom of the table - and I'm using LOTS of it.  This is the stuff that doesn't leave residue.  

Whew, found this JUST IN TIME:

 French sculptor Karine Jollet

My inspiration derives from old traditions as well as from primitive beliefs and votive practices. Amongst these multiple dimensions, naturalism and symbolism interact with each other through a common language: white. A tribute paid to the spirit-body union.“  
 I’m always fascinated by soft sculpture, not only from a technical perspective, but also because it often generates interplay between the concepts of hard and soft. Karine creates pieces that, at first glance, look like they were carved from marble, with their whiteness echoing classic sculptures of old.They are remarkable pieces, filled with grace, style and power. It’s worth visiting Karine’s website and wandering through her Flickr photostream to enjoy her body of work. It’s quite magnificent.

Ok, that's it, my day has begun and it's not even light out yet.  Waiting for UPS, working on basting the world terrain, picking out carpet for the house this afternoon, and I am way excited because tomorrow I have my son visiting us for a few days-  I must get to the meat department at Whole Foods before I go to the airport!!!  

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Janet W said...

Stop basting and find a good long armer. Worth every penny. And you won't be forced to tie it.