Friday, November 13, 2015

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“Honor is self-esteem made visible in action.” (Ayn Rand)

Today's post is to commemorate NATIONAL INDIAN PUDDING DAY'
You know what you're supposed to do.

A furry critter dressed up in somebody else's fur coat.  Seems odd.

So, as I have been whining about for days now, I am at the new house every day unloading boxes, waiting for deliveries, and breaking down boxes to stick in the newest dumpster-  we seem to be going through dumpsters pretty fast.  Anyway, I am making headway and all the unopened boxes remain in the living room since there's no furniture there yet.  Well, last night we got a call that they are bringing the last of the stuff-  the part the movers FORGOT and had to make a special second trip from Boston- is arriving today.  Lordy, I don't know what I will do with it.
I have been so excited to  move into my new personal all-to-myself closet, and they built me a huge one.  I wasn't through half the wardrobe boxes before I maxed out my space.  The closet is now the same mess it was before, but it's my personal mess and I can't blame a thing on TY.  Still have a few of those boxes to assimilate but they aren't big ones.  THEN I start the cleanout which of course should have been done before we packed and moved. 

Still living in the old house, but the work is doubling up and they re trying to get us in before Thanksgiving.  We have wonderful friends and neighbors and so many have offered their houses to us for all of us, for some of us to move into so we can be together but we are holding out for our new place until the last possible second.  I cannot make beds or put any food in the pantry or soap in the bathrooms so it's all ready to go- my car is brimming with so much stuff I look like a rolling hotel. the minute we get the occupancy inspection.  I will never move again until they come and take me out and put me in a nursing home.
And I am off to another day of heavy lifting...

Working from a tiny table in the nook of her living room, California-based artist Angela Schwer crafts explosive dahlias, gardenias, poppies, fungi, and sea creatures all from smooth polymer clay. Meant primarily as decorative objects, the dense handmade pieces are surprisingly detailed, assembled from hundreds of perfectly formed clay pieces and formed into large tiles that can be hung from a wall or set on a table. You can see more in her online shop, Dilly Pad. 

UPDATE:  This morning my friend Susan come over and helped me unbox all the art.  Then, later in the afternoon the last 16 boxes arrived so there ya go-  my project for tomorrow.  

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