Monday, November 09, 2015

seep boorish thesaurus

Today is my second grandson's second birthday!  And I'm not there.

Worked all weekend from early to late afternoon when TY would pull me kicking and screaming from the box mess to go find some food.  Anyway, 3 days of up and downing on the ladder and picking up things nobody my age should be picking up has my body rebelling.  I am waking every night at 3 AM  to worry what happened to my ironing board, where is that platter, what am I gonna do with THAT?  As soon as it got light I was off again.  Today I am waiting to hear when the builders office opens to go sign off some more charges, then head back.  I pretty much finished the shelves in the kitchen so I took some pictures:
One side,

The other side.
Also I got all the wardrobe boxes unloaded and out but the dumpster is completely full now so I guess I will have to parcel out the boxes weekly.  I have all the furniture that came in in its place, beds aren't made yet, or furniture put together that needs it- need time for that and maybe somebody to help.  The movers put together my bed but apparently got the side rails mixed up so I have to take that apart and reverse engineer where the holes for the bolts go.  

I know you are all getting sick of this project, the angst about what I am gonna do with the 9 of us for Thanksgiving week, the worry about this or that, the anger when a plan doesn't come together.  But we ARE nearing the end, just not yet on MY schedule.  And I haven't cried yet but feel a good one coming.

UPDATE, 8 PM Monday night:  The wall around the pool courtyard is all built today, just needs stucco guy next.  Also a couple of giant trucks arrived loaded with new trees and bushes so landscape has started.  

But first, I have some art catch up to do-

Russian sculptor Igor Verniy creates sculptures of animals that are reminiscent of more post-apocalyptic times. Instead of having feathers or scales, his lifelike steampunk creations have bodies made of scrap metal, washers, and copper sheets. They’re also made to be fully articulated, able to pose in different positions just like their real-life counterparts.

With origins that date back as far as the Tang Dynasty (around the year ~700), the Chinese craft of Dongyang wood carving is regarded by many to be one of the most elegant forms of relief carving in the world. The craft is still practiced in a few workshops in the region of Dongyang, China, and most commonly appears as ornate decoration on ‘everyday’ objects such as cases, cabinets, stools, desks and tables.

 I went to ollege too, but not this one.

And now, back to work IF I can resume a standing position!

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Sandy said...

Just want to say...the world won't end if you stop fifteen minutes. But if you don't, you might end up stopping much longer. Something I am learning and relearning with all this pain.

If your family isn't understanding about stuff, then oh well. And in fact, might appreciate turning the holiday into something like a family barn raising event...let them be the help with the furniture. "you want to sit? make the chair/couch, what have you" They might like doing something for you, instead of being done for by you.

Just worried they will be visiting you in hospital instead of in the new home! You waited this long, it won't be the end to wait another week or even month.
Hugs from over here,
Sandy in the UK
PS ignore me if you think I am stepping over the line. But,you are too special to fall off the hamster wheel and get broken!