Sunday, January 31, 2016

backstop sickle lengthwise

“Plan your work and work your plan.” (Vince Lombardi)

Well, wonders never cease-  I have started pout with Vince Lombardi and Superman and I am seriously uninterested in either except for what I posted!Let us hope that it goes up from here, eh?  Though I doubt it.

Today we have a friend and her 2 adult children coming and i am making Indian food for the first time.  I got ahold of a couple of recipes in Bon Appetite this month and discovered I had every spice they called for  so I am off and running.  I know she likes Indian because we go out for it frequently but I have no idea about the offspring- so one thing I have is Butter Chicken which is highly spiced but not at all hot-  hope they will eat it 'cause I can't feed it to the dogs!   Of course I've been sampling as I go along and have come pretty close to my Indian food quotient for the month so far.  I better make extra rice.  Sigh

Today is the first day in weeks that I've had the doors open wide-  the plants in the garden are really taking off and I can't wait to see them in a couple of months-  we are headed for lush and jungly!

Even the plants I left out in the cold wet weather are doing great:

The first picture is a collection of air plants that I haven't killed in several years of neglect, instead they just keep getting better as longs they are under cover and don't get too much water.  The orchids are a gift from a dear friend who brought them over one day to welcome us to our new place-  Amazing!  She loves orchids too and I am going to pick her brain on what to do to keep them going other than NOT watering them!  That I can do.

The other day in the studio I made the cover for my little challenge book, but I had clips all over it and didn't take any pictures yet.  Thought I'd get back yesterday but I was pretty busy with cleaning turmeric out of the sink.  My food processor is now permanently marigold yellow-  tried everything and can't get it out of the plastic.  

Another project-  I got all my hurricane lamps filled with odorless colorless oil so they are ready to go-  
I haven't used them in almost 20 years and took them out of a box sent from Boston the other day.  I love these old lamps and they will be perfect on the lanai once we get the screens installed-  don't want ny moths flitting around the flames!   I'm so happy to get them out again.  I had about 10 at one point but think I sold some of the plainer ones at a garage sale, just kept the cut glass pieces.  

OK, that's boring enough-  time for doggie duty and I got check the rice!

'The Guys', always ready for action.

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