Monday, February 15, 2016

exponent gonzales morrow

“What separates artists from ex-artists,” say Bayles and Orland, “is that those who challenge their fears continue; those who don’t, quit.”

Yeah, I do recognize that it's a squirrel.  Sometimes I can't keep away-  this is one of those times.  Don't judge me.  Maybe I'm just not quite over it yet.

Did you notice I've been missing?  After all these years of posting almost every day I have suddenly it the wall on things to say.  So first, if your answer was 'yes', I will try to get back on a schedule but probably will be able to shake the guilt for not being around every day.  Excuses to follow- pick your own:

1.  Computer issues on both home and studio computers, no syncing of calendars so confusion reigns around here.
2.  A steady stream of house guests as well as a steady stream of people just coming over for a glass of wine and a tour.  Time taken changing beds, food shopping, and wiping up crud the dogs drag in.
3.  Without a squirrel lead, what can I say, how do I start?
4.  No studio work being done lately other than framing pictures and recovering throw pillows-  still 2 to go for living room.  

SO, I started working with a bunch o' women doing an artist's book collaboration just to give me deadlines and a bit of structure.  Yesterday I finished up my February and March contributions and even took pictures of them.  I'm not sure whether to post them on Facebook or not yet but I guarantee nobody will find them here.  

    'Prairie Fires'
This is for a woman whose title is Earth, Wind and Fire- not the group.  It's a collage of past papers I made and purchased hand made paper.  Also, for the back I have a description of prairie and prairie fire necessity.  Envelope is addressed and ready if I can locate a stamp!

So, while I was waiting for that to dry and flatten out, I put t=some time in on this one for March too:
Hmmm, it may be upside down but the woman's subject for her book is 'Trees' so I just happen to have a whole file of Banyons and Kapoks and other odd trees I've encountered.  This is a composite of 2 of my photographs printed on matte photographic paper with the background removed with my trusty Xacto and replaced with some gold marbleized papers.  I have a lovely Indian poem about Banyons I will print for the back.  I'll need to grab a brown envelope for this one, too big for the 6x9s I have in abundance.

It feels good to have these backlogged, guess I will start work on the April version next and wait to see what I get for my own book!

While I'm at it with pictures, here are the herbs I bought at the farm market the other day down in Palm Beach.  I also bought some scones the size of my head! I was aiming for a hanging blue orchid I saw but passed a guy carrying it that ha just bought it, drat.  Maybe next time.  Also got some pickled jalapeños so I am ALL set.

Need to make some serious pesto and the cilantro was also a huge bunch-  maybe some chopped and oiled and frozen in cubes?  After I make fajitas tonight.  Sure hope tonight's house guest doesn't have a cilantro aversion!  I made a highly-thymed chicken soup last night that seemed to go down well-  2 helpings for the guys, one for me with lots left over.

The mint is for a salad, the rosemary is just because it was there and cost $1. I'll think of something!  Until next time-  maybe I'll show you my dinosaurs!


Janet W said...

Glad you are back. And yes, I missed you.

Max said...

Was starting to get worried . . . was missing my morning Sandy fix.