Monday, April 04, 2016

fission gutsy shard

You're never too old to learn something stupid. 

Wee family of rescued baby squirrels.  Aw, c'mon, admit they are way cute!

I spent the day yesterday finishing up the knitted necklace 

and sewing on some crewel handle linings on the sari knitting bag.  Two things out of the way!  

Behind the necklace is the blue/gray linen top with the plaid bindings up the sides and  across the shoulders, and the one below is the old Merimekko display linen where I had to avoid all the staples!  Last, needing an iron, is one I made from a cool artichoke tablecloth
direct to me from the 60's!  Making a small dent in the 2 yard+ stacks!  I am posting thesis here just to prove I actually do something all those hours locked away!


Today I'm headed back to the studio as soon as my hair dries (it's windy and that is the biggest problem with curly hair-  gotta wait for either hair to dry OR wind to stop.  Guess which I have more control over!)   I've found 2 shows I want to enter so need to get my   materials together for that and get it sent along.  Also want to get started on my April contributions the Altered Book Group because I LIKE being ahead of schedule!  Next project has to do with trees and leaves, and I can deal with that easily enough

Think black is the darkest shade on Earth? You’re wrong, but you wouldn’t be alone. Developed under laboratory conditions by Surrey Nanosystems, Vantablack is the darkest substance on Earth, and is often compared to gazing into a black hole. Normal matte black paint still reflects some light, allowing the human eye to perceive it, whereas Vantablack traps 99.965 per cent of light within a grid of carbon nanotubes – with no way for those beams to reflect back outwards.  Grown carbon nanotubes have the potential to be far more useful than just trapping light when you consider they have 1000 times the conductivity of copper and are 200 times stronger than steel.  

Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate” (2006) following the artist’s recent recoating in Vantablack (photo courtesy City of Chicago) 
“The public has had a decade to interact with the reflective surface of ‘Cloud Gate,’ and I felt it was time for a change,” Kapoor said. “Whereas the sculpture was originally about play and surface appearance, I think the Vantablack version is more about introspection, about becoming disoriented, lost, and enveloped in an overwhelming void of nothingness.”
COPY:  Yesterday it appears that a copy of Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate” in Chicago is in the works in Karamay, China, promoted as a giant, stainless steel drop of oil. The artist is still unknown, but it’s definitely not Kapoor, who was “shocked at the blatant plagiarism” of his work when news of the Cloud Gate-gate reached him in London.

Kapoor's  original steel "bean" with mirror finish in Chicago, for comparison. 

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