Thursday, May 26, 2016

ax maybe icicle

The artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist. (Eric Gill)

Unnecessary death of a innocent bystander

I am seriously downsizing quilts around here, mostly cutting them up and it's bringing me great satisfaction. But today I got down in the pile to a dog themed quilt I made a long time ago and thought it should be somewhere.  And of course my dog today was at the vet for an all day test so WHY NOT donate it to the vet?  They have lots of examining rooms, lots of halls and they are all filled with posters about heart worm or ticks or other icky stuff-  thought it would work perfectly there so I rolled it up and took in and dropped it off when I picked up Dog.  The guy who was there said he didn't think they would want it because the new management likes things clean and simple-  he didn't even unroll it, but slapped a sticky note on it for the woman to read tomorrow morning.  It was a really cute quilt loaded with happy dogs, and I am so bummed at the way my offer was handled.  Am I being silly?  I am perfectly fine with picking it up tomorrow but he didn't handle it with any grace or delight and I am so disappointed!  Talk me down from the ledge...  boohoo
Am I blue?
UPDATE:  Yup, the quilt gift was refused.  I got the call the next morning and went to pick it up.  I simply can't believe that a gift was refused-  you'think somebody in the place would have wanted it...  ANYway, it has now joined the stack o' cut-ups in the pile~

I got three layers from this one, but the zigzag edge and the rounded top were problematic.  Once it is in the stack no-one will notice.
And today I finished off the second 6" stack.  The good thing is that the pieces sliding onto the song tube are taking u more room-  I topped 14" on that today, and if I din't get sidetracked and finished up the quilt I was working on I bet I would have hit 15" or ONE QUARTER DONE!


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