Monday, May 30, 2016

littleneck mortar crossbill

"Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river."
                            ~Nikita Khrushchev~ 

I THINK this squirrel pot-holder was from Teddy~ bless her heart...

Just back from the studio, but I had to tae nearly.  Seems yesterday I slammed my hand into the rotary cutter lying on my table as I was reaching for something else.  it didn't bleed for long and it was the end of the day but today it seemed ever damn thing i touched ran right into the cut!  So I added two quilt's worth of squares to the stack and called it a day.  Well actually I am calling it a two-week because that's how long I will be away.  Bet lots of bugs pile up in that time.

First of all, I have some comments to answer:  to Janet W, I checked and I haven't cut up one of the Jornada quilts yet BUT it is in less than pristine shape-  the cheesecloth I used for clouds has apparently pulled every microbe of dust out of the atmosphere and stuck.  I sent you a message that I would wait to cut until I knew if you wanted just one of them but I am rescinding the offer because of it's condition AND the fact that I cut up the more interesting piece first.  Sorry.  But thanks for commenting.

Now, for Anonymous, I wish I had started out in chronological order but I don't have any idea when some of these were made, can barely recognize them as my own some days!  And in fact several are not my own work-  they are antique (read that as 'old' and threadbare), or put together by me from piles of somebody else's old blocks.  So, I am cutting them up in the order they were on my shelves, 
if they are the right size, and if they don't have too many embellishments stuck on.  I am still seeing it as a time-line of all my work, plus I am making a 'key' to go with it with the center circles so if anybody is really interested they can look up what the quilt looked like in it's just-built form and when aprox. it was made.  Somewhere in the 90's I stopped keeping records because of a computer crash that about wiped me off the map-  since then I am still trying to reconstruct details.  Also, there were quite a few sales that have happened in 40 years so I don't have a complete collection (thankfully!).  But basically if someone was interested, the key might answer questions. Also, I am not cutting my more recent work, though recent has a sliding definition-  mostly stuff from the last 10 years or so.  Just in case...

Today I was sorry I cut up this one, but added three squares to the pile and held back two as possibly being something else:
Damned if I can remember it's name but it used up a huge pile of 'T' blocks from some other century.  I think I really love the bright colors and his values.  Here's where the stack is today, almost up the the 18" mark at the top of the blue tape:
I was hoping for 20" by today, or being 1/3rd done but it didn't happen.

But I haven't done the ART PART yet...and today it's about 
wedding dresses!

view of Chiharu Shiota’s Trace of Memory,at the Mattress Factory (all photos courtesy of the Mattress Factory

Christo and Jean-Claude:  Although their work is visually impressive and often controversial as a result of its scale, the artists have repeatedly denied that their projects contain any deeper meaning than their immediate aesthetic impact. The purpose of their art, they contend, is simply to create works of art or joy and beauty and to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes. 

Living in smog-choked Beijing has inspired Chinese artist Kong Ning to step out in her latest creation — a wedding dress made of the ubiquitous respiratory masks seen on the streets of her city.

Have a Happy Memorial Day, wherever you are.  Nothing like  crawfish boil to celebrate:

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Janet W said...

So sorry about the Jornada quilt. Perhaps I'll make one for him. Had you thought about entering this project in Quilt National? They've changed the rules and you can blog about your entries. I think it would be a natural or for the SAQA layers show.