Monday, June 27, 2016

confiscable horsedom cowbird

“It’s better to be sorry for what you did, than for what you didn’t do.” (Anonymous)

Remember the other day when I was complainging about not having any robot squirrels?  How about an armored squirrel?  The only difference is in the mechanics.

You may be questioning me on this one but let me 'splain:  My 'tower' itself IS useless, but the PROCESS most definitely has purpose on several levels.  Lately, mostly brought upon my 5 moves in the past 11 months and a need to DE-access  'stuff' from my house, my studio, and my life, I started culling the herd.  I have too many craft supplies, too much raw material, too much space.  My husband and critic, TY, once said I am like a carp-  I grow to the size of my environment.  How true.  I was perfect;y happy working in a tiny bedroom for years, then even happier working in the bright room in the first condo where I installed shelves up the 12' walls and had a ladder to access stuff easily.  Then we spent more time in Florida and I made the spare bedroom a studio but it was so small that my computer and printer took up most of the room, and I had to move those to the beds to work at the machine.  Some of the works I did there are among my favorites to this day

Then I found a great industrial space and moved all the studios and all my stuff into the one space.  And like a carp...  I am out of room because I SAVE stuff from yardage I don't even like to the tiniest scrap I may 'need' someday.  My various painting, printing, encaustic, artists book equipment takes up too many shelves.  I am not even counting the shelves and drawers of ephemera  and paper storage and documentation information.  Or books.  I have an entire shelf of books my work is in-  how can I toss those?  So, consequentially, Other Things must go. The quilts I make are piling up in spite of me rolling 10 together to make big 'logs' and stacking them out of the way.  In short I am overwhelmed.  My plan to give them away was thwarted.  My plan to make them into dog beds for the shelter was thwarted.  I need to DO SOMETHING before I give my kids another reason to make fun of me and eventually hate me for what I left them with.

So, ya see, there is method in my madness, sort of.
So, a short summary of today's work:

I hit the 26" mark today-  here's the measurement showing it up close and then the whole view-  had to believe it's only 26" because it is taking on a life of it's own!
The label reads 'Old and Tired' and that pretty much sums up the contents of this 'log', the first one I've opened to chop up.  I was distressed at so many small quilts but it's been years since I opened it, can't imagine what i THOUGH was there!  Oh well.  

The Rhubarbies Quilt-    I used to have an amazing Rhubarb plant in my front yard garden from the previous owners.  I was always amaze at the site o the leaves so nike and printed a few on some colored linen dress fabric.  The lease were left loose so I could inkjet print some barbie doll photos to live under the leaves-  sort of like telling a kid he was found in a cabbage patch.  I sewed on tile spacers to replicate the amazing flowers that came a bit later. 

My Mother, Myself, My Daughter
Naturally I am the well balanced one in the center.  This quilt was an odd shape so in order to get two squares from it, I had to piece things together.  

Last one I'll show today-  my 50th Birthday round robin quilt my Crit Group made for me.  I only got one square but have the trimmed edge that will complete some other square when the time comes.  They all contributed to this and the label on the back explains the Elvis backing-  I had an Elvis impersonator at my birthday party.  

can I lease borrow your pencil?

Amazing flowers inspired by pencil shavings… but Japanese designer/artist Haruka Misawa went one step further than just being inspired by the pretty petals made by her pencil sharpener. She printed paper with pattern, wound that paper into tight cylindrical scrolls, and then put her sharpener to work… the result… her own unique, one-of-a-kind blossoms. 

Now, there is a medium I can get my curly head around- pencil shavings!  I could eliminate all my storage except for a cup of pencils, brilliant!  

hahahahhhhhahhaaaa   ahh  ah

ummm. Who was it that said creation is first an act of destruction?  I must look that one up.

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