Friday, June 24, 2016

so barberry civic

 “The universe is transformation; our life is what our thoughts make it.” (Marcus Aurelius)

A little EU squirrel, love the bunny ears.

So, I was running around in skivvies this morning kind of picking up and eating breakfast and drinking coffee and tending to the livestock and I got caught by my cleaner who I was not expecting today.  I had my dates mixed up because I am stupid. I also didn't have enough $$$ to pay her so had to throw on clothes, start the washer, fill up dog bowls and hit the road. So I went to the bank and went to the vet to pick up more Revolution since the dogs seem fine but I have a whole lot of flea bites around my ankles lately.  They may have picked them up, or more probably *I* picked them up walking in the grass in the yard.  So, by the time I got back from my errands I flopped the money on the table screamed out that I was back, and then took off for the studio.  Once there I started fooling around with this and that and wasted most of the remaining morning before I even started in on quilting those puppies.  OK, I admit, I only did ONE.  I have 18 to go, but I had to run back home to let the real dogs out.  
Later I started back to do a few more but went instead to a furniture store that has reclaimed wood in all sorts of cool funky furniture.  And next thing I know I had bought a desk for my kitchen.  I had to be home for delivery by 4, it was already 3, so I went back home to find that my cleaning gal got my yarn caught in her vacuum and it had shredded it up very well.  The edges got all pulled ut of whack and I have been working on it all afternoon to get myself back on track.  Aaarugh.  So much for getting a head start on baby blankets.

Maybe tomorrow I can get more done.

A break with ART PART traditions today as we look at fake food, whittled from old 2x4s.  

Chips has a double meaning in the hands of artist Seiji Kawasaki.
He’s transforming regular two-by-fours into amazingly realistic-looking food, like this pile of chips (ahem, wood chips), and the Internet can’tget enough of it.
Kawasaki carves and paints giant, fleshy shrimp, 

lifelike chiles and burnished croissants that seem to crackle with great attention to detail. The Japanese artist almost has a Michelangelo-esque touch with his works, where the subject seems to break out of the wood, as you can see in the unfinished chocolate bar.

Kawasaki says he wants to capture the “emergence of qualia,” the bodily experience of feeling, smelling or, in this case, tasting. And I think we can all agree he’s succeeding in that.

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