Thursday, September 29, 2016

interest counterproductive (post #2447!)

"If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates   ~Jay Leno~ 

I am thinking all my internet problems are solved-  the guys in PA talked me down from the cliff and left me in a mess of confusion and a laptop that barely qualified as connection to anything!
Yup, they were trying to diagnose my problem by me texting them pictures of the connection box behind the door in the laundry room.  Fail.  I got fed up and went on about my bizniz elsewhere, and had a bright idea- returned to the box and restarted all the different boxes independently-  last time around I just turned off the main surge protector and that didn't do a thing.  This time it did.  Go figure...  Anyway, welcome to my internets and all the plastic handcuffs holding it to the wall!  So, nah nah nah nah nah to the guys in PA.  PS  WHY would these guys with Indian accents be named 'Chris' and 'William'?  I didn't ask.

Had my very small stitch group yesterday, but the missing members will be flooding back soon-  I saw my first car carrier in the main entrance yesterday, there will be lots more to come.  Anyway, it was fun in spite of being sparce, and included lunch of course.  Afterwards I headed to the studio as soon as I could with a mission to finish off my LAST Artists' Book Collaboration page before the 1st.  And I DID:

The photo got a bit skewed, sorry, and now I must get it over on Facebook to redeem myself!

And another picture, my doggie when there's a thunderstorm-  she hops right up on top of whatever I'm doing to velcro herself to me.  The window behind shows that the storm is no longer raging but she is still quaking like she is out in it!  I'm trying to read over her back.  
Really, she is only this large in her own mind.

Now for the ART PART so I can get outta here before today's storm hits

In her Harm Less series artist Sonia Rentsch defuses the powers of modern weaponry by constructing guns, grenades and bullets completely from organic objects. The shape and form of each piece are really convincing, yet I also enjoy the obviousness of each plant chosen to resemble various gun parts. If you’re reminded of Sarah Illenberger’s work, you’ll be happy to know Rentsch has had the opportunity to work with Illenberger in Berlin.


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