Wednesday, October 26, 2016

orthography fovea orthonormal

Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.
Amy Lowell


Well now, in the TMI department I broke out in a itchy mean rash all over my back and part of my front the other night.  So when Benadryl didn't help, I actually called the doc since I have never been allergic to anything.  He sent me a pack of some steroid I don't remember and I've been taking handfuls of pills and it seems to be clearing up.  I went in to see him today and he said, "Yup, drug rash."  Well, yup, I don't take any drugs...except some probiotics which somebody told me were great.  Well, they were for 3 weeks until they weren't.  I had already decided that since the other day was quite cool, only in low 70's and windy that I would wear a sweater for the first time in 2 years-  a cozy wool and cashmere fabulous one I've had on the shelf for a long time, but still had tags.  It was so cozy, made me want to move back north!  Tried to make a deal with the doc to keep my beloved 'drugs' and to throw away the cashmere but nope,  I have to do the opposite.
This is a reasonable facsimile of me, pretty, huh?

So now I have a new something to take the place of the probiotics and more serious to stick in my suitcase 'just in case' for my trip.

Thanks Pablo, I needed that.
Today I had a pretty much itch free day at the studio working on the binding for the Addendum quilt.  I finished one side and will do the second side tomorrow because it's all curves and turning things under on the back- involved and fiddly.  I have to get it all backed and bound before I see if it needs any additional fortifications-  I have a feeling that areas will flop forward without some artificial means of support...  But I can't tell until I pin it back on the board.  Why in hell did I stop making square quilts?

I have 11 pieces ready, or almost ready, to go out the door, but I only need 10-  2 are taken up by the Autobiography and the Addendum but I will have to pare down one that doesn't 'go' with the others.  

All this activity leaves my walls bare:

In Other Good News, I mailed out the bag of 30's tablecloths last night.  I could barely carry it into UPS, but I got it out and emailed the gal who bought it and fingers are crossed that she likes it all.  Supposed to get there today or tomorrow. 

I've got yardage of a couple of pieces, curtains of others, and quite a few pillows cases for your porch.  Some are new, some are pretty faded and shabby, maybe passed the chic part a decade ago but I still live a multitude of patterns all together, especially for a tropical look.  If you ae at all interested I have pictures and will measure yardages.


The traditional Japanese mending technique called kintsugi, where a broken ceramic object is repaired with gold, silver or platinum, to accentuate the damage and ‘honor’ its history.  So beautiful, I'm sorry I threw away all those shattered dishes!

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Bark cloth? did you say Bark cloth? I yam, I yam!