Monday, October 03, 2016


You know you are getting old when everything 
either dries up or  leaks. 

OMG, does that mean that tomorrow is #2500???  Better see if Sandy is registered at Amazon for something special!

Yeah Squirrel, you do that.  Right now Sandy has the gift of a stomach flu that put her in bed sleeping most of yesterday.  So, no Farmers Market, no preparing for Hurricane Matthew, no cleaning the studio, nada.  My whole life was turned upside down and boy was I pissed.  I had TY go buy me a giant chicken that I was able to stick in a pot and poach most of the afternoon-  OK, I forgot it and it was so 'done' that I couldn't pick it up out of the pot.  But it really it the spot with a few matzoh balls and every vegetable I had left in the refrigerator.  That was all the standing up I could do, but after not eating a thing for 24 hours it was so delicious I almost cried.  Then I went back to bed at 7:30 and logged in another 12 hours.

Today I'm better, my pants are falling off and I am rehydrating as my goal for the day.  Maybe I will go to the studio later and mess around some more with the 3 books.  We'll see.

Friday, before I got sick, I made some cornbread from an old James Beard recipe I know by heart by now-  it's the cornbread I use for my turkey stuffing and it contains actual corn, chopped chilis (uses up the batch of fresh Hatch Chiles I scored last fall-  roasted and froze), lots of butter and eggs.  Wonderful recipe-  I make it on sheet pans, cut in cubes and then let it try on the counter a couple of days before making stuffing. But I made it in the muffin tin so I can do a little portion control around here.  In my baking frenzy I also made a loaf of English Muffin bread, a recipe of my mom's from the 60's I think.  Talk about dense-  I had forgotten, but it makes the best toast ever.  And TY is going through it like it's made of air.



Last post I stuck in some three-rabbit motifs and I have some more today.  It's amazing to me how a motif can transfer itself from one country to another over ages and still be a variation of some ancient idea.  The authors really get into these rabbits and find them all over the world, all from different materials, but all with the three ears joining them together.  The best interpretation is, for me, the circle of life and the interconnectedness of us all. 

Cool, eh?  Of course I forgot to keep track of which country these were found, I may have to buy the book, going against my current embargo on ANY MORE BOOKS.  6 moves this past year made me more than aware of my 'book problem' and we frankly don't have any more room to store them.  My studio shelves are full, I have shelves on the second floor, TY's office has a wall of shelves, and I even have a big shelf in the bathroom for the overflow.  I tried to organize that shelf by color but all I got were blacks and whites and a few mushy pastels.  Whoever does the color thing must buy each color books by the yard.  Heaven knows a color jacket is not a way to find something you're looking for.  But a rabbit motif book I would leave on the living room table...

So, today, if I can't get my ass off the chair again, I guess I will be gearing up for my 2500th post.  Will have to be something out of the ordinary, don't you think?  


Anonymous said...

If this post is really 2 thousand four hundred and forty-nine, then the next post would be number 2,450.

Anonymous said...

Please please don't stop this blog at 2500 posts! We all enjoy your art in progress (with the exception of cutting up all your quilts...) , your escapades, adventures, ups and downs, dogs, family and house happenings, interesting art finds, etc., etc. You are interesting, creative, amusing, and it's lovely to read/look at your photos and enjoy your blog with a cup of tea.

Sandy said...

Dear Anon #1, as we say around here, oh shite. I prove again that I mostly posted notes in math class and flirted with a cute boy in English class across the hall- our desks were fortuitously arranged in great visual line the teachers never noticed.

And so I reset my counter. Indeed the next post will be #2450. Hey, and this is for Anon #2 also- you are guaranteed fifty more- more or less. Sigh.

Maybe. I need to renew my ginkgo biloba pills.

Max said...

Re the book thing . . . the decorators buy tons of old books with jackets or good colors on the spine . . . and no need to worry about finding anything . . . they never get read! When we had the book sale area at the studio we would get decorators in who cleared the shelves of books with colored spines cause we were selling them for a buck a piece.