Thursday, April 27, 2017

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“Artistically I am still a child with a whole life ahead of me to discover and create. I want something, but I won’t know what it is until I succeed in doing it.” (Alberto Giacometti)

Another day, another dollar, right?  Not if you're me.  I heard a small crash last night coming from Rat Territory (under the kitchen island) and was so happy-  a bit later I heard wood brushing against wood so I had visions of the trapped rat (as in 'trapped like a rat') dragging the trap along the floor trying to figure out what to do next.  I went to bed happy.  This morning I was up at 5 skipping around the kitchen thinking I had the 'all-clear' signal and heard a huge SNAP! I was surprised, but still happy (as in 'if the right one don't gotcha, the left one will')  and waited for the Rat Cather to give me his daily call.  I heard from him about 10, and he was on his way to grab our furry enemy and dispose of the evidence.  He pulled the dishwasher out and... NO RAT.  The traps hadn't been sprung, the bait wasn't disturbed.  We had again...been had.  

Well thanks Henry-  but I am still gonna get this rat no matter what you say~ thinly discussing your quote as about squirrels when we all know you mean RATS.

So, again I wait for that SNAP! and meanwhile I am going on with my so-called life which these days includes my SEVENTH load of laundry which I hope is the last of this batch.  I next have to wrestle the duvet back into it's cover, a task I hate to the moon but nobody else is here, or capable.  And that's Day 14 since I've been at the studio.  I may as well sell the place and go back to working in the bedroom.  NO!!!  I DIDN'T SAY THAT!!!

Molly is not herself today, hasn't eaten since yesterday's breakfast, and not even drinking water.  I am wetting her face and head every now and then since it's so hot out, dragging around s soft towel for her to plant herself on where she can see me.  It's so sad, her tail is down and she just stares at me when I give Pepper a treat.  Don't know what she got into, or what got into her, but I hope she snaps out of it.  I can't leave her alone and I have 100 things I need to do.

though truthfully there ain't any party around here today

Oh look!  I think this one is made from linoleum!

Working with recycled wood doors and paneling pulled from old houses, Belgian artist Stefaan De Croock aka Strook (previously) constructs both large and small-scale geometric portraits. Each piece is designed individually using multiple fragments of cut wood which he mixes and matches to form a sort of color palette. He also creates similar works on canvas.  (Go look at these-  way cool!)
Strook’s most recent piece was an enormous wooden assemblage for the Crystal Ship, a new art festival in Ostend, Belgium now in its second year. You can see more of his recent work on Instagram

Guess I'll go see what's on Netflix

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