Friday, August 04, 2017

deputationize pass broxodent

 “if you’re racing around all day, ticking things off a list, looking at your watch, making phone calls and generally just keeping all the balls in the air, you are not going to have any creative ideas.”  John Cleese

For the last frustrating week I have tried to sign a simple name, my own, with embroidery thread.  What has happened, this used to be a simple routine, now it's a three day project and I'm not beyond the d in 'sandy'!  
This will be my on-board project this week and if you see me on any of the planes, boats or trains I will be on I will be the one swearing at something I am trying to do.  Be nice, or stay out of my personal space because I am armed with scissors, though very tiny ones.
I am headed for Colorado, my ancestral land, where my people come from and where I did NOT have the good fortune to be born!  I am really excited to visit with my only remaining relative, my favorite aunt.  When she answered the phone she was so happy to hear from me and her next line was, "You know, I am 91!"  I know I will have a wonderful visit, then we head down to Colorado Springs for a few days followed by a stop in Santa Fe.  I hope it hasn't gotten even ore touristy for this tourist-  I haven't been there since I met up with some girlfriends a few years ago.  But I will report everything that is interesting that I do.  And I am looking forward to getting out of this heat for a few days.

I have been arm wrestling, and losing, in the FMQ learning curve.  I know it will be fine, lesser women than I have mastered it, but basically it looks like I have a brain disfunction and am drawing with my left hand.  Let's just say I have FU the giant quilt I was hoping to finish before this trip.  But instead of forcing it I just haven't been to the studio for a few days, started my vacation a bit early. 

I have come up with a stellar Eclipse Plan.  I must do SOMETHIGN because it's my birthday after all. NASA sent me a tracking video pf the eclipse and it turns out that here in FL I will see more than I had anticipated-  about 83 or 84% of the full effect so I am having a party!  Since it's daytime I'll just have stuff to pick on, drinks, and a giant carrot cake.  And it will be a drop in-drop out thing, sort of an open house except the doors are always open anyway.
And I have downloaded a playlist featuring a long version of 'Total Eclipse of my Heart".  Wonder if I can get it on a loop...  

So, its PARTY TIME for you ARTYS!

But you have to guess about the artist, the shoes~
The war weaponry~
hand granedes~
mechanical cameras~
fighting' cars~
Are you with me?  The Millenniam Falcon~

Huh?  Japanese artist Monami Ohno has created an amazingly intricate collection of sculptures out of cardboard. She has built everything from the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars to a battle-ready military tank,
And don't forget the aliens:

I would have put money on these being done by a teenage guy.  The Japanese part I could have guessed.  Does that make me racist and sexist and nationalist all at once? Probably, but I hold the multi skills in awe.

You know, I'd be thrilled if you have some art pictures for the ARTY PART, preferably outlandish materials or concepts and send them on to me.  

Tata for now, I'll be in touch at some point.

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