Wednesday, October 04, 2017

conjunctionally expressionless patchworkers

“I must make myself fully aware that I know nothing.
 It is the only way to get ahead.” (Edgar Degas)

Progress Report

Getting' there finally.  Here are the stripped back chairs, the 3 flannel boards reinstalled, the rug in place and this is about 1/4 of the space.  At least now I will be cooler with those metal doors covered up.  And I have a place to sit to read all the darn magazines that accumulate, or at least a place to put them should I ever get a chance to lounge about.  

And I cleaned out the glue drawer to some extent (still have to test all the glue sticks but I think they should be mostly good since I bought them for the class I had at the library recently.  I also went through three giant tubs of yarn that has been growing behind my back.  I sorted them out into projects to complete and all the leftovers by color.  I'll finish that up today and hopefully get rid of more in the process.

THEN I CAN WORK ON THE QUILTING MACHINE!  Actually I was going great guns and using some variegated thread that I thought would work perfectly but  doesn't.  Rather than remove it all (which is not in my DNA to do) I think I'll just change colors and continue, perhaps with some parallel lines to make it look like I meant it.  But WTH, I am not in love with this piece or I would have done that long before getting the studio back in order.  In fact I may get a little scissors-happy again and slash it up a bit.  Smaller sure would make it easier to handle...  stay tuned.  I make up my rules as I come to them.

One of my rules is No More Dogs, but I have been sniffing the butts of different rescue organizations and am thinking that I can't imagine living without a few critters in my life.  Everybody is cautioning me to NOT do it, give it time, etc., and TY keeps talking about 'traveling' which I could care less about any more-  all I want to do is hang out in the studio, preferably with someone shaggy and farty with big black eyes.  Since I need a 15 year window to be responsible for another life, I checked actuary tables and they say I will (most likely) be around for that much time which means I will be tickling 85- perhaps by that time I can make the No More Dogs statement and mean it a bit more.  Meanwhile if you hear of any Tibetans that need rescue, I'm your gal.  No preference as to M or F, no color preference or provenance but would prefer to know about their past life-  would prefer a dog that had not been terribly abused because I'm no expert in that arena, but I can give him or her a safe happy home and lots of rotisserie chicken.  

ARTY PARTY-  I've been collecting new ones in my spare moments.  These cakes caught my eye because they are decorated with pallet knife swaths of frosting made the same way as we make skins with paint!  They are allowed to air dry and then carefully removed and set into the cake base.  How amazing would that be presented  to your next birthday pal!  This first two have some accompanying color matched drips too.  I so love these...

Some cakes are just cakes. You eat them and that's it. But some of them are true masterpieces and you find pleasure by simply looking at them.
Kalabasa bakery from Moskow, Russia, uses Instagram as their platform to show off their unique creations - cakes, decorated with chocolate brush strokes.
Front the cake is decorated with colorful "painted chocolate feathers" (as the bakers at Kalabasa call them) and the rest of it is finished with chocolate splatters and airbrushing.

Bakers sometimes add fruit, berries, and flowers to compliment the artistic look of the chocolate brushstrokes.

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