Monday, November 27, 2017

sashed buttery hexadecimal

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin, 
and have it all to myself, 
than be crowded on a velvet cushion."

Henry David Thoreau


Day after Thanksgiving, or, as it's better known, Black Friday.  No, I didn't go to the MAUL, last thing on earth I want to do is trample or get trampled over some toy of the decade.  
Nope, instead TY and I went to a mattress store- I figured that we wouldn't hit crowds there today and I was right except for the traffic outside.  

And we bought a bed with only a small amount of discussion.  

Long overdue, the previous one had two wallow dents in it that once in, was very difficult to roll out of.  Also TY was waking with back aches and wasn't sleeping through the night-  we started talking about a new mattress a year ago.  We don't move quickly on decisions.  Sigh.
But the New Improved mattress arrived the next day and they took the old one out.  OMG, what a difference!  This one had a remote control for each side so I can raise and lower my side and even get a head or foot massage.  There is a light under the bed too so I can find the bed in the dark.  Who needs this shit in a mattress?  We love it all.

The tilted head lets me watch a little tv but especially is helpful to avoid my stupid overnight vertigo attacks, so far so good.  And TY is still asleep at 7 in the morning.  We just might both be in better moods again.

The Back to Work poster.  Hope it works.

I've been still working on the family portrait as done by a 6 or7 year old, my nephew who is currently in college.  It's a very childlike drawing of the five family members with giant black thought bubbles over each one describing who they are-"World's Best Sisster" and "World's Worst Sisster".  Doing hand and machine embroidery to replicate it for posterity.  I need it done asap and still have the heads to go.

I also am working on a piece for an art auction for the once teams-  using very simple circles with a few painted lines on canvas to suggest bocce balls.  Not due until after the first of the year but I want it finished this week.  Third project is photographing my header for a new website.  I finished it the other day, my name embroidered across the top and a couple of Japanese fabric circles added to some spool prints.  Still have to figure out how to get my URL from the old website and transfer it.  I have LOST completely my tech gene-  things are way complicated any more and I don't have a 10 year old in the family to fix it for me!  Stay tuned, new website WILL appear though I don't have much left to put up.  

So, a quickie ART PART today before I get to work-

French artist Edouard Martinet assembles faithful interpretations of birds, crustaceans, insects, and other creatures with countless objects from discarded bicycles, cars, and household objects. A bicycle pump forms the abdomen of a dragonfly, windshield wipers serve as the legs of a fly, or the metal logos of a bicycle manufacturer are layered to create the dense scales of a fish. All the more incredible considering Martinet never welds or solders his pieces, but instead uses only screws or fasteners, selecting only the perfect components that “fit” each assemblage like a puzzle.

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