Friday, December 01, 2017

avenging hearteningly alcoholizables

Benjamin Hardy, “Don’t seek praise, seek criticism.”

After yesterday's hideous example of squirreldom, 
I thought you might need a break.  I certainly did.

SO, I spent all day yesterday watching Netflix and knitting.  I got about 6" done and now am dealing with the thought that no way will I get this thing to 60" before Christmas.  I will set it aside and try something similar on bigger needles and using a double strand of the same yarn so it may go faster and be ever so much less tedious.  I cant just rip this one out, so I can continue on it after the holidays-  I nee something to work on that's less mindful at night.  Although TY did allow my Ott light into his tv sanctum as long as I sit behind him and the light doesn't reflect and I acknowledge this as a non permanent addition to HIS room.  I laugh.  heh heh  And have no plans on moving it out.  

Some big doin's around here this weekend, all things I want to do and will do alone.  There's an outdoor art fair at the Armory tomorrow, and also the Clematis Green Market AND since I will be in the area, I will check out the new warehouse retail spot called Elizabeth St. Station.  At some point doing those things I will probably have to lie down in the grass and be revived, but I'm gonna attempt it all.

I got my new pillow covers from William Sonoma and love them-  needed an upgrade and one of them has a gold embroidered alligator on teal velvet-  be still my heart!  It's now officially an alligator theme in my living room with this addition-  it joins the alligator textured table and the 5' vintage wooden alligator sculpture.  Actually TY says it's a crocodile and I'll not argue.  We got it done in Key West and it barely fit in the way-back of the car for the ride home.  The other two are woven cowhide like I loved in Santa Fe this past summer, couldn't resist.  They are pitch black though I was expecting more of a charcoal but they are still way cool and sort of go with the secondary theme that started with the cowboy picture- a still from The Magnificent Seven covered with (yeah...) diamond dust.

And that leads me to the news today that glitter is going to be banned because it's some un-biodegragable plastic.  Imagine a life without glitter, so sad.  Hope they (THEY???) come out with some cheesy substitute that molds back into the ground.  Or maybe why not just throw mushrooms at each other and skip that step altogether?  It worked with weddings by throwing grass seed instead of rice though I'm sure it's just some rural parish that needed their lawn reseeded that season.  Better than releasing captive butterflies.

But I digress.

And lead you on to the reason you came-  the AHTY PAHTEE!
And believe it or not I am keeping the theme here to sewing stuff!

left-  tiny little caster wheels for a chair, right- sewing notions

These breathtakingly intricate miniatures are the work of Japanese artist Kiyomi, a mother of two who manages to find the time to dedicate to her hobby sometimes even waking up as early as 4 AM.
Kiyomi is clearly inspired by the early industrial age, which she recreates with remarkable accuracy in her models. From tiny hats and shoes to sewing machines and even a bakery, stocked with brightly colored cakes, her work takes you back in time to Victorian England or Revolution-era France, it will make you wish you still had that dollhouse!

If you like what you see you can check out Kiyomi’s Instagram and Website, everything is handmade and the food looks good enough to eat!

I've never had the need to deal with miniatures, but these things are eating at my brain-  so perfectly done!  I will look at dioramas and glass boxes, and doll houses with a new sense of appreciation.

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