Monday, December 11, 2017

transferability prostitutes swirls

“If you want to live an exceptional and extraordinary life, you have to give up many of the things that are part of a normal one.” 
-Srinivas Rao

A rare sighting of the endangered Marshmallow Squirrel

This season has about fried me.  Ao much to get done, so little time.  Of course, as I'm sure you are complaining about too, I have bitten off more then I can chew.  Too many people retuning back, too many people heading out so we simply have to make a plan before they go, too many parties, too many... um, cocktails I will admit to. And too many plans in general.  I'm out of clothes, my roof in the studio is leaking and I'm meeting the maintenance guy in half an hour.  Woke up to the smoke alarms peeping, and my oil light is on in the car so I need to get it in for service.  Plus I am befuddled as to what happened to the Amazon list I had my DIL make for things to send the kids-  it's completely disappeared.  Thankfully I already sent two gifts but they weren't on the list.  Anyway, problems are mounting and time is shrinking around here.  And Molly is peeing in the house again so she needs a glucose curve done before I stick her into boarding.  Yikes!

The thing is that it happens every year like this, and very year I swear it won't, that I can handle it, I'm ready.  But there I go again heading to five different stores trying to find  wreath and extension cord that will go under a door and not get cut.  Five stores.  That means I spent a whole lot of money on STUFF from those stores.  You know, the Christmas mantra, "one for them, two for me..."  and I can happily find things I really really need in automotive supply stores.  Shoot me now.  

So I am not one o those happy shoppers who sends out cards and greetings, I can't even keep up with thank you notes for some pretty nice dinner parties!  I have been promised by TY that tonight is a event-free zone and we can possibly get to one of the three backed-up Blue Apron orders before two more pile in on us tomorrow.  One step ahead, two steps back.  Plus my refrigerator stinks from all the kale that's in there.

So. instead of hitting UPS today to mail off two boxes, instead of picking and choosing which Blue Apron I will use, instead of taking an actual free afternoon after the leak-checking guy shows up at the studio, I am here whining yet again.


An important element of Ottoman architecture in Turkey was the addition of birdhouses affixed to the outer walls of significant city structures, a safe space for regular avian guests to nest outside of mosques, inns, bridges, libraries, schools, and fountains. The birdhouses were not simple concrete structures, but rather elaborate feats of miniature architecture that ranged from one-story homes to multiple-story bird mansions. Each was designed with a similar design aesthetic to the country’s larger buildings, simultaneously providing shelter to sparrows, swallows, and pigeons while preventing bird droppings from corroding the walls of the surrounding architecture.  Lucky birds.

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