Thursday, January 18, 2018

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“Once you decide on your occupation, you must immerse yourself in your work,”  Master sushi Chef Jiro Ono.

Yup, I still have this awful cough, just leave me alone to nap a bit.

We've known it for eons, at least since the early 70's when I came aboard the quilting bandwagon.  Remember when those giant Amish dark quilts were touted as abstract art?New York Galleries were snapping them up.  They were the art world's new darlings, and very influential to a whole army of new quilters-  the ones who were convinced they were art and evolved into, what else here-  Art Quilters!  (duh).  The Sara Kay Gallery has an exhibit up comparing old quilts to modern female artists abstract expressionists and some of the compare and contrasts are amazing.  OK, so you can't get to the gallery, at least here is your today's reading assignment:


Discuss amongst yourselves, research out some new contrasts, think about what you think!!!  And write it in the comments if you will.

Coming down off the auction of the Bocce Art, I was happy with what my piece brought.  We can pick where we want our 'donation' to go so I figured Planned Parenthood is my choice.  I normally don't donate art to charities, in fact I hadn't;t known it was a donation until it already had some bids, so kept my mouth shut.  I felt better that we could pick our own charity rather than have somebody else do that so I feel better about the whole thing.  

So, the next thing is that I have been asked to 'donate' again.  We have been handed out step stools, part of a 'Step Up' campaign for the annual cancer benefit.  So now I am working on that-  and there goes January too!  I offered my studio to the others who are involved  since most will be getting paint all over their kitchens, nd I am also looking at this as a way to cull the herd of my giant acrylic collection.  Hoping that the dried up tubes will be tossed and the inferior quality paints will get reduced and leave me with just one giant plastic bin of miscellaneous paints. We'll see.  Already I have rejected painting the stool and instead am cutting palm fronds out of many different papers and decoupaging them on in a willy nilly fashion.  My stool is already painted black and I think the bright greens will look great against the dark background.  My problem with the stool is that it's not very substantial, the rungs and legs are skinny, and the steps themselves are pretty narrow- not for stepping, but for doing significant design I mean.  It's hard to integrate all those thin legs and braces into a design, but we will see what happens when I get my glue pot out.  I'll take some in-process pictures tomorrow.  Studio will be open tomorrow nd Thursday-  hope some people show up-  always fun to have somebody else around even if it precludes me listening to my murder podcasts...  damn.

Well I got shown-  Was supposed to  have 3 extra people in today but NOBODY showed up.  At least I got there early and got my stool clear coated so it's ready for another coat or seven when I get back on Monday.  I kind of wouldn't have spent the ENTIRE day there waiting and fiddling around if I knew nobody would show up!  And I got busy playing with other interesting Home Depot purchases and forgot to take a picture of the stool.  Shoot me now.

Busy weekend ahead, tomorrow starts my 3 day workshop plus there is an opening tomorrow night that I;d like to stick around for, but I don't know if Molly will be taken care of-  I will probably have to race home for her but if I do there is no way in hell I would turn around and go back.

I'd go to bed...

ARTY PARTY explores cross-stitch!  
Except I don't think it's cross stitch, it looks more like needlepoint to me-  what do you think?

Swedish designer Ulla Stina Wikander uses household appliances and cooking tools as the base to her cross-stitched sculptures, bestowing outdated objects with a new life. Most of the items come from the 70s, yet the patterns she covers their bodies in are much older. The cross-stitch designs come from the 59-year-old artist’s vast collection, allowing Wikander to give a new context to each blowdryer, rolling pin, and typewriter she covers. You can see more of her sculptures, as well as a variety of designed accessories, on her website and Instagram. (via My Modern Met)

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