Sunday, February 04, 2018

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“The moment you accept total responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life is the day you claim the power the change ANYTHING in your life.” -Hal Elrod

A faux wood faux carving of a faux pumpkin and faux squirrel. Could you ask for anything more?

I've actually gotten a few things done these past few days!  I made another charming kid's drawing copy for my SIL, a copy of my niece's drawing her dog backwards-relaxing:

I really love doing these to see what the kid was really concentrating on-  here it was the carpet, the chair, and the dog sinking into the chair back.  I always try to copy closely but 'fix' the composition to make it a bit more readable.  Here I allowed for cropping when she has it framed.  I was kind of thwarted when it came to finding scraps of white background plaid or check with matching big dots.  I don't have many patterned fabrics left but YEAAA, the plaid rug with the change in direction was a must-pick and really adds to the piece, doncha think?  I also added a black bead for the dog eye which she can snip off if she wants.  Most of my small beads won't fit over a needle I can thread any more, had to find my miner's glasses for that one.. 

I started doing this copies of kid's drawings back when my daughter was about 3 and did a highly detailed picture of a Christmas tree complete with little people standing on each branch that were the dough ornaments she had remembered for a whole year!  I was blown away by her drawing and made a embroidered/ appliquéd pillow for Christmas the following month and we used it every year after.  Then I did one of my niece's rendition when she was about 9 of her parents wedding.  After that I did one for each grand kid, and am patiently waiting for the last 2 to produce something beyond wild scribbles!  The last two were for my SIL who commissioned me.  This one is in the envelope ready to send off.  

Beyond work for other folks, I have been toiling over a giant knitted sheep pillow for anther granddaughter-  wanted to have it done for her birthday in November but was messing up with the bobbles about ten times, which of course throws off the count and makes me nuts.  Many restarts, and finally a rest in it's bag so I might get on with life.  But last week I finally figured out I don't have to do the hugely p-i-t-a bobbles as per the pattern which involves both working from the back and the front and counting different numbers with each turn.  NOT working for me with my ability to count to only three before losing track time after time.  I rested to wrapped bobbles and that seemed to work, though I think I need to recount each row as I go along because each row is different.  
Bored with this?  IMAGINE how I feel...
Plus I need double pointed size 17 needles which somehow do not exist.  

Anyway I typed up the instructions very carefully with one line per row so I can cross off each row as I complete AND CHECK it.  I will never do this again.  And I am aiming for her second birthday now, in November.  If this doesn't work I will re-knit it into a noose just in case.

Here I am at the West Palm Green Market yesterday-  I have a new passion of Vanda orchids thanks to my very accomplice gardening Dutch friend who manages to keep them happily blooming year after year and looking healthier and moe beautiful every year!  These babies are huge and gorgeous and are in the upper price range for black-thumbers like me.  I am struggling to get mine to rebook this season and may have to give up.  I seem to have better luck with phaleonopsis and currently have those all over the house.  And that has all necessitated a potting table so I am on the hunt for that now too.  I can hide it behind the house along with my ugly herb pots.

Super Bowl Sunday-  guess I should make some nachos, eh?  Before I get involved with that I am gonna have myself an ARTY PARTIE!  The 'theme' ere is growing stuff, but in the hands of this accomplished artist, I am daunted!

Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza has previously been drawn to recreating full landscapes with yarn and thread, embroidering large tapestries with rivers, valleys, and waves that spill out from the wall and rest on the floor. Barboza continues her exploration of installation-based tapestry with a new body of work that charts the growth of individual plants, while also expanding her practice into weaving with a new work of interconnected baskets.
Her series Increase charts a plant’s shadow for 15 days, steadily tracing its growth and movement over the two week time space. Balls of yarn lay at the foot of each tapestry, providing a visualization of the diminishing material as it is slowly added to the changing portrait. The colorful embroidery provides a charged glow around the white space of the original plant, its increasing mass illustrated in a collage of jagged shapes and vibrant hues.  Love this woman's work, I've been following her for years now and this is entirely new.  More next time-

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