Saturday, April 07, 2018

expressionless patchworkers packetisation

Research has shown that the heightened state of a perception in the
creative  mind of an artist is  like a  computer  jammed with too  much information moments before a crash.  Art in these individuals is a disease of too much sanity.           
                                                                                                                                 (Author unknown)

Stiff as a Board Squirrel

Yeah, I know I promise but I've been busy!  Mostly standing by he stove and then walking away to forget I needed to be there!  Eating a lot of burned food, driving around to find interesting things for guests or to find specific 'things' they need.  Today I need to DO the refrigerator from all the extra stuff I bought just in case.  The just in cases never happened and now the things in there nd to be rethought into eatable in a different way.  I hate this part, but hav 10 days before the next group arrives, yahoo!  Last turnover was only one day so too hectic to repeat.  The really good thing is we have had excellent weather since they stated coming so they can be outside and busy.

I will miss Lisa, driving her to the airport today.  She has kept Molly occupied, but the funny thing is that Molly cannot tell us apart and runs up to her to welcome her home, stops in mid-jump-and-fall to see another mom behind her- me!  She begs from her, then turns to me.  Actually Lisa talked me into cutting her bangs yesterday and I just finished when Lisa walked by the Molly went nuts barking since she saw finally there are two of us.  Yikes, poor thing is blind and deaf and is sure a lot more work than orchids!

I am DYING to get back to the studio, have so much to catch up on, so many things in progress and calling for attention.  Hope I can X off a few before kids arrive and want do artist stuff with me.  I am so behind on the monthly group I joined, have many started but nothing finished to send on to it's recipient.  Won't do this again next year because it's intrusive on my time AND I am quitting facebook where we meet up.  Meanwhile, back at the SAQA pods, I quit the one I belonged to because I didn't want little projects every meeting, I was hoping for more of a crit (auto correct wants me to be in a carrot group) setting but it didn't happen.  Everybody was brand new and just not wanting what I wanted out of it.  They all went crazy over sets of colored pencils.  yawn.  ANYway, I am thinking of rejoining the unit down in Boca next time, giving it another try.  I know there are some good artists down there that I might learn something from.  We'll see.

I am needing an ARTY PARTY these days, they are piling up on my desktop and I am in a clean-out mode-  here goes:

Gediminas Pranckevičius a freelance creative illustrator, working and living in Vilnius, Lithuania. His work involves children's picture book illustrations, music album cover illustration, character design, illustration for advertising and so on. 

aka Sand Rat

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