Friday, June 15, 2018

Bye Bye

removed from the gene pool, but still in MY pool!

After all these years of blogging and 2589 posts (OMG!), I am throwing in the towel.  Blogger itself has made it impossible for me to figure out WHY people can't access my blog any longer-  oh I know some people can, but it's about 1% of my former numbers, so every post is basically me talking to  

I also am dealing with a website I haven't updated for decades (well, maybe just 'decade') and cannot for the life of me figure out how to start transferring my domain to a new platform.  It used to be I learned how to write code to start the first website-  and oh boy, it was cheesy!  But over the years things became very convoluted just as my brain was atrophying and it was harder to follow confusing steps which I found didn't work in the end anyway.  So, oh well...

My so-called strategy is to find a 13 year old kid who can help me wade through all this, but I have at least 3 years, maybe 5 until I have some available to me.  At my age you cannot rely on ever getting there to take advantage of them!  So, since I am so-called RETIRED anyway, I'm letting it all go.  I'm still sewing, still messing about in the studio, but all the noise out there now on the web has me stickin' in the earplugs.  

I guess I will delete my blog folders-  pages and pages of quotes pertaining to art, hundreds of pictures of squirrels, and infinite lists of nonsense phrases for my titles.  I won't even mention the hundreds of folders for the ARTY PARTY that I collect.  I had planned to go on forever with a vision of me pecking out my last missive from my hospital bed.  Nope, I am at my desk sitting in my Louis Ghost chair surrounded by giant tropical blooms I 'macheted' out of the landscape bushes the other day.  And as soon as I post this I will head out to the studio to try to use up more of my sinfully large collection of fabrics.  I have three quilts in the works, one about Murmuration, one about a Shiver of Sharks, and a third that will turn into a cutter for something else. All three are made from Marimekko black and white prints dating back to Design Research in Cambridge from the 60's.  Somebody left it all on my porch one night in a giant black garbage bag, the way I got into this mess to begin with!

Parting words-  if any of you are in South Florida and need some company, give me a call!  If any of you need fabric, come on down and bring your own black garbage bag.  Or if you just want to sit around on a rattan chair covered in tropical barkcloth drinking Keurig coffee, the door is open (email and I'll send directions.) 

And if you really want to be my hero, figure out WHY I've been blogger-banned!  I seriously have tried everything and even asked them for help- never heard a word from that plea.  So, I'll miss you all.  PLEASE DON'T COMMENT HERE-  needless to say I can post but cannot actually access my own blog!  Go figger.  You can find me any time at sdonabed@gmailDOTcom.  Maybe I will send you back a few squirrels, ya never know. With many thanks, again!  

                                     The Artist Formerly Known as:


Gerrie said...

If I google your name, your website and your blog come up. When I click on your blog link, it takes a loooooong time to load, but if I am patient it eventually loads. Is that the problem? That people don't want to wait? You are still showing up in Feedly when you do a post. I do not use blogspot - I use wordpress so can't be of much help. I will miss your posts. I have not posted much since 45 was elected. Keep thinking I will start again and then it seems like I have said it all on facebook and instagram!

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