Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blogs Work!

They bring you your hearts desire, and yesterday my heart's desire was NOT to toss out or haul all the old fabric to Goodwill.  And I whined about it.  This morning, nice and early, right after I returned from my bone density test, a gal who was at one time a student of mine, called me and was on her way to come get it.  I met her downstairs by the garage and helped her pile it all in her car and she gave me a lovely bunch of flowers and grasses.  Dahlias, my favorite, and maybe some zinnias, also on the short list.  

The good news is that I am still the same old 5'5" that I topped out at back at 12, the xrays won't be read for awhile.  My mom had osteoporosis and I watched her shrink every year so I am pleased it hasn't started yet with me, in fact I was hoping to grow a few more inches but I think I have to give that one up.  I figure it would be just as easy to grow as to lose weight. 

Did I ever post this picture?  It's my mom and three friends, probably in the late 60's.  They pooled their money once a month for years and took trips together-  this one I believe might have been Puerto Rico.
You have got to love the hats...

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