Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A test!

Look for the thread that binds the following:  (and contemplate how wonderful it is that I am actually talking about thread!)

A scene from a fairy tale
The whole fairy tale (machine) embroidered around a table cloth
A big old delicious apple
An odd shaped nikked lady with a fig leaf.
OK?  Got it?  More clues to follow.

And finally a picture of one section of my neat and tidy shelves!  Project finished, and four huge bags of old fabric ready to go to Goodwill because I am too lazy to bag it and price it to sell at the guild.
If you want this fabric I will keep it a few days, call me first and I will help load it into your car!

And, since you waited so patiently, here is a clue towards your test question:
Yup, an actual work in-progress.  Send in the clowns.

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