Monday, September 15, 2008

Dye in the Sky

Had a wonderful time in the Mickey Lawler workshop yesterday and ended up with about 15 samples that were added to my already bulging hand-painted fabric barrel. Unfortunately at about 1 PM I hit the wall and it was near impossible for me to do much after that. Stamina for all day things is waning these days, but I hung in there and dripped paint on some of the things I had already made and splattered paint on my table-mate's experiments. Aaacht, by the time they get them home and dry they won't remember which splotch was my fault. Anyway, if you get a chance, and Mickey is in your neighborhood, take the time because it is an easy thing to play with, not all that messy, and non-toxic. She has whittled the workshop down to the most efficient ways to achieve the kinds of fabric most quilters are after, but leaves plenty of loopholes for us nasty mavericks to get ourselves tied up. At 6 this morning, before I even started the coffee, I was ironing my samples and marveling at how different they look- just like she said I would.  See above.

Years ago I was teaching a workshop in Connecticut and Mickey was in the class.  I guess I maybe gushed a bit too much about her fabrics so a week later I received a huge box of the 1/8" strips she trims off her fabric to sell.  It was gorgeous in the package, and I had it out to admire for ages.

Finally I decided to tie it all together and wind it into a ball for knitting, so here is the baby sweater I made for Hazel.  It was very small and kinda stiff for a soft little baby but sure looked cute.
Had a big ball left so I got out the huge needles and made myself a vest.  It turned out perfectly lacy, with all sorts of knots and little ends poking out.  Whenever I wear it I just assume that it will be the last time but it weathers just about anything.  I wanted to show Mickey yesterday and she was so happy that I found things to do with such a pile of leftovers.
And I promised to post the sweaters here so she could get the images.  Also, she sent the other edges, the larger ones with the sloppy paint edges and blank white fabric here: I found that I could print very successfully on the painted fabric with the inkjet and it gave some of my more boring photographs  much more interesting look.  I had collected bridge images taken from underneath for years so I printed them on Mickey's fabric and compiled them into a little book called 'Flying Under Bridges'.  This one was entered into the Quilting Arts magazine challenge and appeared in an issue this past spring- sorry I can't remember which one.

The bridge pictures that didn't make the cut for my book then were reconsidered for this quilt from earlier this summer, 'Evacuation Route'.  Sylvia is very unhappy with the checked edge on this one, and unfortunately, as much as I fight her, she is usually spot on.  I MAY change it.  May.  Something better has to come along first.
Here is a detail of one of the squares with a toile bunny escaping.  I had to make him blue as he was originally light purple and didn't show up very well.
I wish I had more bunnies.  Anybody hear me?  sigh.

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