Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh those arty folks...

Here is a quilt in the UK that an artist helped a class make during a week-long workshop. Trouble ensued, click on her name for the poop.

Tracey Emin.

So, what do you think about this?

(Now ask me what *I* think...) I think she has every right to disavow because once the school decided to make money on it, to auction it off, it showed they had no interest in the work so she wants control of it back. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. The thing is, she is known for taking an idea and turning it inside out and this is a perfect vehicle. Interesting artist, she is added to my 'must watch' list, currently only in my head.

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Terry said...

The part of the article that strikes me as so right on is the John Slyce quote, "Children's primary experience of art should not be as a commodity." How sad that the school has turned a great art experience for the kids into a fundraising opportunity and such a coldhearted exploitation of the artist's generous intentions.