Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hey, I have A idea...

(My son used to say that whenever he wanted something- he would tell me some convoluted story that would always end in him wanting a cookie or to go to the movies or something.  ANYway, I too have A idea:

How about anybody who reads this post their FIRST QUILT to their blog, or, if you don't have a blog, send it to me as a jpg and I will post it here (with your name and date please).  I'd love to see where we all started.  So, that said, here is my very first actual quilt, though there were others that were just stitching around a printed design)

Br'er's World, 1974, 48" across.  Mounted on round stretcher frames that were my very first introduction to SYNCHRONICITY.  This was a very important quilt, made for our first baby and telling the story of her mother and father when we used to be fun.  All the various scraps were pieces of sewing projects or old clothing, most were less than natural fibers, and my 'technique' left some wide open holes.
Detail of above showing my actual pet rabbit, 'Br'er', the quilt is named for.  He preferred chocolate chips to vegetable foraging and would walk across the room on his hind legs for one.  And me, naked, skinny dipping with TY.  It's not a pretty sight, even back then when I had an ass.  

So, please, if you do post your first quilt, send me the link so I can include it here, or send me your jpg for me to post.  And of course I would like you to put this link up too.  Don't be shy.  It simply cannot be worse than this!

I am flying on the Big Bird to Florida tomorrow so have many details to clean up today, off to the PO, the banque, and to meet a friend for a good-bye lunch.  Then I have to pick up my new slides, clean the studio... and on and on.  Don't forget the links or pictures!

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Linda Cline said...

You must have had fun making this. Thanks for sharing it.

When I started quilting, I was doing traditional quilts. I posted my first quilt a few months ago here