Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leftover Links

Here ya go, candidate finger puppets!  But you better get 'em done fast because it'll be over soon.  Not soon enough.

Here is the view of the full moon at the Arsenal complex the other night- the iPhone just isn't good enough to capture it, but the site was still breathtakingly beautiful. Can you see the flags on the right?

Next day, in a parking lot at the Macy's store, I was just passing through and the pond was so lovely with the blue sky and yellow foliage that I pulled over to snap a few pictures:  I have no clue what happened on this first one to produce the hangman's platform image-  looks like it was only a partial picture with a full one layered on top.  Wish I could do it on purpose.
Looks like a photo collage.
Then there were these black cherry-like fruits that no woodland creatures seem to have eaten.  Maybe these are like the cherry tree in my folks yard where the birds would wait for the first frost so the berries would start to ferment.  I'm sure some one of you know about these berries, but frankly I don't care, only like the way they look .

Found a woman who likes the selveges as much as I do, oh, OK, perhaps more! She stitched miles of them together and made a full dress. It's on the RicRac blog:

Here ya go, the boids! I don't have a clue what this bald bird might be, an emu? an ostrich? something prehistoric? Look how shiny, many McNuggets here.
And here are some ducks I used in a collage today, it'll be dry tomorrow and may appear here with a Steve McQueen piece too.
And that's about it.  Off to the Redsox game, Go Sox.

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Terry said...

I know you said you don't care, but the berries and leaves are laurel. The berries are poisonous, but I also love how they look. Go to my blog and see what I have been working on. What a coinkydink!