Saturday, October 04, 2008

Round Up

Remember the Mouseketeers would all come out in cowboy outfits and sing about a 'talent roundup'? Well I do. Because I am as old as Annette!
Saddle your pony, here we go down to the talent rodeo.
Gather up Susie, Jack and Joe, join the talent round-up.
Round 'em up, bring 'em in, everybody's sure to win.
Step right up, here we go. Oh, what a rodeo!
and on and on and on

This is just an old links roundup, so have some fun seeing where it leads you.

The British artists Gilbert & George, now subjects of a retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum, look back on their work. I remember these guys way back when I was a student!

Over on Dark Roasted Blend, there is a collection of different book arts from various artists:

I love etsy, wish I could keep up my shop there but will probably reopen it this winter but look what I found- I am going to have these made for everybody I need to give a Christmas gift: Custom Mounted Stamps

Pirilampo Riscado's photostream on flickr.

Laura Marsden's amazing use of a surprising medium.

Here is an article about a guy who decorated his basement with Sharpie Art. Yes, completely covered the walls with homey line drawiings. Better go to this link quickly because it won't be around for long. The image is a video pan of 360 degrees of his room and won't copy here.

And finally, here is a flash bit of fun- go play with the SPIDER! Very cool.

And a last thought- a message of congratulations to those of you who have received a Quilt National acceptance, especially to the first-timers! Whatever you do, be at the opening because it is an experience not to be missed! For those of you who were 'differently chosen', remember there is the next one coming up. The chances of getting in are comparable to being accepted to Harvard, a stat one of my crit members figured out years ago- it doesn't mean you aren't doing well or aren't a 'good artist', or don't have the vision or used the wrong colors- it's just that there wasn't room this time around. And just think- you have three pieces that haven't been shown anywhere (ahem!) so now you have a stockpile and can enter lots more shows! Keep on!

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Jo said...

I loved it all but the Sharpee guy was more than wonderful!