Friday, October 03, 2008


FINISHED finally, the Lizard Ridge afghan. Put it to bed.

Well first there was this morning and now it's this evening so I will now admit I forgot to unload/download my camera so couldn't post my pictures. So now I will.

In progress:
arranging all the pecans upside down in a pretty pattern and rolling the oatmeal bisquit dough around chopped dates

Finished, except for the cleanup from flipping it right side up. And the dental work.

And an obsolete item soon to be seen in landfills:
I may as well put the slides there too, no one wants to see slides any more.


zquilts said...

OMG - that "lizard" blanket is simply the best. I really want to make one like it ! Great work!

Deb said...

oooo cozy! yep, it's blankie time again here in the south.