Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sandy's Sundries Sunday

One of the only benefits of having poor eyesight is wearing cool glasses.  This year was the year to invest in a new pair (it's an indulgence I have every two years), and at the same time I got new sunglasses because I was romping around with a prescription over 5 prescriptions ago.  So while I was indulging I also finally had lenses put in an old pair that are just for the computer since I sit with my nose to the screen.  It is amazing to be able to SEE no matter what I am doing now!  I no longer have to rip my glasses off to read a menu or sew either.  And I have a theory about glasses and all the little frameless or wire rimmed things I have had in the past that only make me look Benjamin Franklin-y with my chins to match.  Who am I kidding?  If I am gonna have to wear these things then they are gonna be at least amazing.  So here they are.  Oh, I do love the checkerboard...

And last night I finished and blocked  'Dickory Dock'.  This morning I unpinned it to let it relax, used tape to remove the fuzzies, and fixed up some of the loose threads that I had missed.  The label is in place, the sleeve sewn down, and it's signed-  not a damn thing left to do except cut a stick but I will do that when it's needed.  One of my friends told me, with a full background of enviable expertise, that the redwork blocks are Ruby McKim designs.  I have a few left so you may see them again.

And finally, before I go forage for dinner, here is a printable pdf of the Arts Positions for the 2008 Presidential Candidates. Hmmm, guess my own position isn't a secret.

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jpsam said...

I love what you have done. It looks so fresh!