Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meandering Thought Processes

Last night I fought off the usual evening lethargy and hauled myself over to my guild meeting to hear Diedre Scherer. I've always admired her work and to see small intimate pieces on a huge screen with a very professional presentation was amazing. If you get the chance, go see her and her work- it's so very individual and distinctive from any other. Since I am not a full member of the guild any longer because of my long absences, I used my last allowed meeting for this and even made a celebration out of it by hitting the tapas menu for dinner at Pedros with Sylvia.  

The restaurant has an odd advertising device- a Smart Car parked nearby that's covered in a 'full body' decal of celebratory Spanish foods. Very cute, I should have grabbed a picture but I was too taken with the full moon rising precisely between two of the old arsenal warehouses. The poor iPhone camera is woefully inadequate for nighttime photography, duh...

Here is a smart car dispenser, like we used to use for PEZ.  Pretty soon there will be collectors of these, mark my words.

Sylvia and I talked mostly about collage, exchanging tips and ideas from our experiences and her current class. One of the amazing things is how much we don't know, how much there is to delve into, and how inaccessible information is when it's something you are just getting interested in. Collage- where you glue magazine pictures on top of posterboard from the drugstore, right? Nope. Seems every artist develops different ways of working, different strata, different transfer methods, different ways of adhering things together (hopefully) permanently. I've always thought that my quilts are collages and it would be a natural transition into actual paper collage from there, but not so- a different animal entirely and a whole new learning curve. Of course if you find out how to do things the correct way, master the technical aspects, then you can concentrate on the actual design parts instead of dealing with both at once. So, I have decided I need a collage class and hope I can locate on in Florida for the winter. I also spoke to Beverly last night, who showed us two amazing pieces she's been working on, and she says she hasn't been able to find any classes that interest her yet so I am starting my search from here today. I took that Photoshop class with her last winter and she probably wants to avoid me like the plague!

I located another redwork piece, threadbare and pink from wash and use, of three little girls sitting on the fence. It is SO poorly drawn with their bonnets all lumped up and off kilter, that it has a certain charm in a cartoonish way. I won't say more now but they all sort of look like melon-heads. And maybe I should mention that Nate gave me a little book and CD of copyright free fruit images.  

Funny how things collide right in front of your face just when you need them.  Oh yeah, that's synchronicity slamming me again!  Stay tuned, I'm about to have some fun.

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Maxine said...

Oh, a wee beastie high rise! Do you think I can get one built in Lowell?