Friday, October 17, 2008

Variable Inverted Scabbard

Yesterday I visited my photographer and had about 15 pieces taken, things I had neglected or forgotten or needed new documentation.  It took the full hour and we were slamming things pretty quickly up and down off the wall.  Fortunately most were similar in size so there didn't need to be a lot of camera adjustments between takes.  Next time I go, in the spring,  I will take the next batch of stuff and I guess I will keep doing this until I am caught up again.

The rest of the day I prepared quilts for my 'Featured Artist' stint at the NEQM in December.  Things needed sticks located, or cut, or drilled.  Things needed a certain removal of long white hairs thanks to you-know-who.
Geesh, it looks like I live in a nursing home of old white haired ladies around here from the hair on everything. Make that white-haired BALDING ladies.

But I got all the quilts ready to go, rolled up, documented, sticked, sleeved, and cleaned.  I got them priced, with the older things brought down a bit to move them if possible, but I am not holding my breath on that.  In case anyone asks, EVERYTHING is for sale!  Here are the details of what is going in:

Evil Apples

Dickory Dock, hot off the presses

The Buck Stops Here

Peter Finch Interviews Housekeepers

Fandango de Tortuga

Oh ferkryin' out loud-  I forgot about the lack of format control here.  Too lazy to go do it over, but you get the idea.

and the ever present Placemats.  Buy this and get it out of my sight!

The IDEA is that all these pieces are both done with vintage fabrics and use digital imaging for their narratives.  I think this is kind of interesting in that I JUST FIGURED OUT that's what I do-  combine vintage stuff with digital photographs printed on fabric.  Ummm, I've been at this particular thread for over ten years now and it suddenly occurred to me that it's what makes my work different from other work.  Why does it all take so long to 'get'?  I don't have that many years left to figure stuff out-  tops maybe 35 or 36 but I bet my hands stop bending before that.  Or I get hit by a bus.

But who knows, maybe getting hit by a bus will bring on my next revelation!  Lettuce Prey.

And I don't mean to be premature with this proclamation but *I think* I may have my email back after a month of not being able to send things.  If you have been waiting to hear from me and I haven't answered, I HAVE answered, but comcast sits on my email like a hen on eggs.  Contact me right away and I will re-send.

(While I was complaining about comcast my keyboard went dead and I lost contact-  needed new batteries so I had to take the batteries out of the tv remote to finish this.  I hate a wireless keyboard and mouse, would never get one again.)  And there is your lesson for the day.


j.dávila said...

Actually, it's all an evil plot! Comcast caused your keyboard to stop functioning at that very moment so that the bad press would stop. It's not a coincidence. Comcast = HAL. If it starts talking to you in a steady monotone, run...

So, how are you going to change the channels on the tv now?


Sandy said...

SOMEbody will have to get up out of HER comfy chair, set aside the current project and all the tools and crap on HER lap, try not to get stabbed by HER scissors, and go all the way across the room to MANUALLY find the needed button! Life can be really tough some times, but it's a recession and we all have to sacrifice. And wear a sweater.