Sunday, November 16, 2008


Making carnitas today and the house smells deeevine-  basically I'm slow cooking a less-than-desirable hunk o' pork slowly  in some orange juice and garlic after browning it.  It's been on the stove 2 hours now with a bit to go and I cannot wait.  It's all part of the plot to use the 20# bag of Costco rice so I will throw a can of black beans in with the rice, squeeze on some more juice-  might have to use more orange because we used up all the limes last time, then shread the pork and fry it to crisp it up a bit.  The rice and beans thing is getting to be a standard here, sort of Cuban inspired and Publix provided.  (I will do anything to avoid Thanksgiving prep until the day before.)

Been working on my Elizabeth Zimmerman one piece knitted jacket, a pattern from the 60's.  My best friend gifted me with all her extra and leftover yarns so I am using just the blacks and bronzes for this-  thought I could probably make several jackets or slipcover the car but amazingly I am running out quickly and will have to actually buy more.  I think the problem is that I thought I had more non-wool than I do.  Will have to make the next one wooly.

And I am still dealing with the herd of parrots, trying to get them to fly from one computer to another, the one with the punky printer attached.  

Next post I am going to talk about working in a series, please come back soon!

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