Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pictures I Forgot

Here are my embroidery threads all completely organized and categorized.  Ready for whatever.  I have spent hours winding these on these plastic thingies because the plastic thingies are not designed for the #5 threads.  What a pain.  But nowhere on the package does it say that.  I was too lazy to figure out a different system so wound it all by hand.  Occasionally I would come across the old 6 strand floss that would snap right on, but most of the time the threads were in a tangle that required actual concentration to undo.

What am I talking about...  geesh.  I find I tend to this kind of work whenever I am on the edge of an abyss.  Somehow, the librarian part of my mind takes over and I start cleaning out sock drawers or throwing away old makeup or ---I dunno--- printing friggin parrots like I have a *thing* for them.  I don't, they are just pretty.  I don't want them as a totem or even a token but the job of photoshopping all the dusty backgrounds out is satisfying.

Next on today's list (and take my word for it, there IS a list newly installed on the iPhone!) is to go food shopping.  Right after I clean out the refrigerator.  And print another parrot or lory or whatever the next non-chicken is that I have in the queue.  And oh yeah, I have to get more rocks at Home Depot.

But I am keeping the illusion of action, right?  Isn't that a good part of it?

ricotta, oh oh, that means lasagna is on my brain
100w regular light bulbs because those curly flourescents suck no matter how 'green'
don't forget the rocks, the Mexican ones
rotissery chicken, find one with three thighs
garbage bags (to toss old socks)
orchid food because somebody is hungry


Dee said...

Hi Sandy,

Haven't seen you since QC show, but just found your blog and had to laugh about the green light bulbs -- they DO suck!! My house is full of them and I hate the waiting and waiting for the light to come...

And, I am envious of your organizing impulse -- (it DOES have a wonderful byproduct -- order!)... so, even if it's not the creative work you might prefer, at least your fridge gets clean!

j.dávila said...

I think the dog would prefer dog food. Unless, of course, he specifically asked for the orchid food...