Wednesday, November 26, 2008

If female participant you are invited think in this.

Horror-Scope du jour: Making a commitment to your long-term health can assure years of increased vitality down the road. Transformative Pluto is entering your 6th House of Routine, enabling you to ruthlessly eliminate old habits that no longer serve you well. Consider changes to improve your diet and exercise program while you can. If you wait too long, the negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle will begin to take their toll.

So this morning I wake up with a flare-up of a continuing problem and DUH, of course that is why I have been punky for a few days! Spent the afternoon at the vet yesterday getting Molly's conjunctivitis looked at 

(couldn't find a dog eye with conjunctivitis!)

AND her poor feet that she is eating of her ankles. She got a nice shot of some antihistimine and has spent the last 12 hours without her feet in her mouth, heavy sigh here. I have to pick up some Benedril for next week when it comes back. So she can now romp and play again without the dermatitis. If only I could romp and play without diverticulitis! Oh well, at least SHE feels better. 

And now, in spite of the fact that I cannot stand up, I must forge ahead with a turkey dinner. Fortunately it's going to be very simple and I have already done most of it- just have to slam the turkey on the grill tomorrow, add the cornbread to the stuffing pan, saute the Brussel sprouts, and smash the potatos. So, for now, I am taking to my bed with a nice mug of coffee and a book.

And an aside:  Why is it that I haven't received a supply list from an art center here for a class I start next week but I did receive a supply list from QBL for next July!  

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I always wondered where in the world you got those titles for your blogs. Now I know!