Tuesday, November 25, 2008

large quilt small colourful dekentjes.

Finally got the additional river rocks to fill the space that we can't plant anything.  Not the perfect solution, but at least it's not a dirt hole like before.
And three of my parrots have been attached to this wonderful jungle-y print that Bev gave me last season from her printing class.  I need to do some stitching to finish it up.  Hope she approves, she DID say to do anything I wanted with it.
The Costco pomegranates-  these are the size of nerf balls, huge and heavy, what was I thinking to get a whole crate of them?  After Thanksgiving they will segue right into beinbg my Christmas decor.  All of my decor! 

Picked up the adolescent turkey today, also found a company that makes preserves in the 'shadow of Mt. Ararat in Arnemia' Since the pumpkin butter was $9.99 (!) and in a pint jar I downsized into the 4 oz. jar and opted for Peach Preserves which I will give to the Armenians coming to dinner! I made my own pumpkin butter the day before and a whole bowl of it cost me maybe $1.79 (but I didn't get the pretty label).

Had a windfall come flying over my gate today- my fabric order from reprodepot is here. Cool stuff, the best being Japanese remnants- I just don't have much of a supply here and the fabric shops seem to just carry prints with surfboards and flamingos, not my thing.
And another envelope with a gift from TY- a bright red tee shirt with, "Dyslexics are Teople Poo". He claims I am only mildly afflicted, just because I cannot say which is left and which is right!

And finally, I snuck into the garage to take pictures, really close up of TY's Cobra. I was in the thrift store the other day and found 4" beveled glass coasters that begged to have the faded green felt ripped off and be decoupaged with something a bit more interesting.

So, here are the photos I will stick on, replace the felt, and voila, a Christmas present! Done.  Wish me luck.


Terry said...

I am also left/right challenged and can write mirror script almost as easily as regular. Definitely some kind of dyslectic thing going on, but I was a great reader. Maybe it is the sign of genious, a la Leonardo! Love the T shirt. I used to have a big button- D.A.M. (mothers against dyslexia)

j.dávila said...

Hey, that coaster idea is really fantastic, girlfriend!


Twila Grace said...

Great art photos, I enjoy seeing the rare photos such as yours.