Saturday, November 22, 2008

in lion ears is hung

(I warned you I was going to get some use out of that translation in the last post!)

My laptop woke up dead this morning, so, after Molly wanted to go out at 3 AM I poked it around a little and decided it was completely dead so went on the Other Computer and tried to make an appointment with the Mac geniuses.  Of course I had been in the store that very afternoon, if I had only known.  Well, maybe they are gearing up for the holiday shopping season or something, but they can't see me until Monday night at 7 PM-  no appointments all weekend!  Which leads me to tell you that I probably won't do much writing until I get it back-  the Other Computer is so slow, so out of date, so...sigh...old.  Guess I will have to do Other Things for a few days unless someone sends me a huge hunk of patience AND a carpal tunnel brace!

I am just hoping I don't have to buy myself a new Christmas present laptop.  Lettuce all prey for the recovery and health of Sandy's Laptop.  

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Deb said...

I hate to report that I'm seeing a virtual plague of Mac troubles. Friends with machines that are a mere 2 or three years old, laptops and desktops alike. Major, deadeye type failures. Could this be (gasp) some kind of built-in obsolence forcing upgrades once the owner is hooked?? Didn't PC think of that one first?
Good luck.