Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rosy, but Bigger.

Op 15 november 2008 om 13.30 uur zal de grote Kaffe Fassett Quilt aan de scheve toren 'de Oldehove' te Leeuwarden worden gehangen door de heren Kaffe Fassett en Marco Florijn, wethouder van Leeuwarden.

Huh? You don't understand? Well, somewhere in the Netherlands there was a big patchwork show and they made this Kaffe Fasset designed quilt, called 'Rosy', from his and Liza Lucy's first book, in the XXXXXL size! Quite amazing, eh? More about it here- Oldehove Quilt. But don't bother if you don't read Dutch.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: My old virtual friend Kay took the time to run the site through Google translator and here are the results. (She is my old friend because she is friends with my elementary school best friend- we found this out accidentally. We almost met last year, maybe it will be real sometime soon.) This translation, btw, is hysterical- am sure that it will be fodder for many posts to come.

Oldehove Quilt On 15 November 2008 at 13.30 the large Kaffe Fassett Quilt to will tower crooked ' Oldehove' at lion ears by Mr Kaffe Fassett and Marco florin, alderman of lion ears are hung. The Oldehoveteam of studio Jagersma and the Quilt cabinet invite you most from to come look at to this happening. It a large success has become because has been quiltjes handed in all 360 spent. On 6 September went ' Oldehove Quilt Crew' with 50 super clears volunteers these large quilt in the WTC Expo composes. It became eventually quilt of 27 x 10.80 meters!!! It was particularly sociable and straining quiltbee. To come of a large battery quilts to flat Kaffe Fassett quilt, had be worked there rapidly. The shoes went from and on the floor taped up with sail the quilt were explained firstly by four groups on colour and pattern. Then the group supervrijwillgsters was divided in three groups and was worked for the compositie of the colours and a lot has been slid with quiltjes. Afterwards parts of the quilt were put to the vote and parts were moved or ' derisions ' introduced such as Kaffe Fassett that calls. Eventually at the last poll by the super volunteers under loud yes geroep the quilt were definitively determined. We got in abundance mediums attention of Omrop Fryslân and the Leeuwarder current. Mentioned below you find some foto' s. These large quilt if opening ceremony of the large Quilttentoonstelling towers to slanting, the Oldehove, in lion ears is hung. These large quilt are an initiative of studio Jagersma sewing machines from lion ears and the Quilt cabinet. We want very warmly thank everyone for enthusiasm with which the action has been received and the willingness to cooperate there in. We have quiltjes got splendid within. Every participant a parcel with fancy Kaffe Fassett has got substances from its new collectie and makes chance new Bernina 440 of winning quiltnaaimachine. (impression) Explanation On 16 November a large exhibition " starts in the frieze museum; Quilts" , which lasts up to 29 March of the next year. Within the framework of this tentoonstelling several quiltactiviteiten are organised, with as start large quilt to crooked tower of lion ears, the Oldehove. These large cheerful quilt of approx. 10 x 25 meters, are composed of 360 minis quiltjes of original Kaffe Fassett-stoffen. Kaffe Fassett come for the opening of the tentoonstelling to the Netherlands and therefore at the revealing of the quilt presently is. After the opening the quilt are obtained from each other, whereupon we mini-quiltjes want make aim available of a good. If female participant you are invited think in this. Saturday 6 September quiltbee on which the female participants have together joined the quiltjes to one large Oldehove Quilt, have been kept. YOU are at guest on 15 November at the festive revealing of the large quilt by Kaffe Fassett. On 17 January 2009 we have quiltbee but now to make of the large quilt small colourful dekentjes. These quiltjes want give we to a good aim. Your suggestions are most welcome. UNDER THE FEMALE PARTICIPANTS ON 17 JANUARY 2009 BERNINA 440 SEWING MACHINE WILL BE RAFFLED! Check regularly the site. We keep you informed!

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