Friday, November 14, 2008

Ummm, here I am...

After getting THREE calls yesterday (who even knew I had three readers!) from worried friends, I guess it's time to call an end to my self imposed blogger exile.  Suffice it to say that I just didn't have anything fit to print because my head wasn't in it's right place.  It's still not but I'm gettin' over it.  Right, Sweetie?  

OK, what have I been up to, other than my wee breakdown?  I have been photoshopping my little heart out on some old parrot and parakeet prints from BibliOdyssey that I lifted the other day.  Then I had to shop for three days to find some linen to print them on, and that's still a quest in progress.  Then the ink issue-  you remember all my whining about printing on this new NON archival printer last year, right?  I was dazzled by it's width, not it's ink-  a big mistake I paid for seventeen times over.  Well this year I Bubble Jet Setted everything in sight so I should be OK at least until I use all of the treated fabric and try to skip a step.  

I have wound all (yeah, ALL!) my embroidery threads onto plastic spindles and inserted them into a plastic sleeve in a big notebook-  who know I had so many threads-  but at least now I will know what colors to grab and which colors I have life-time supplies on hand.  I am dreading getting into the threads I still have at home, but I'll handle all that when I get back.

I have (gag me here) started going to the gym again, and of course walking again with the Staten Island Walking Nazi.  I know... take a breath, this info alone will put you on the floor worrying about my sanity.  

AND I have become a pest with my iPhone, snapping little pictures behind people's backs, bumperstickers at red lights, and about forty shots of birds sitting on phone wires above the convertible.  And I am in a fight with the IRS, and the phone company both at the same time but not related to each other.  Neither calls me back though, so maybe they both share space somewhere-  picture a huge room with an answering machine blinking on a table in the middle and a grumpy janitor who comes through each night and clears the messages with one little push of a button.

My good news is Obama won, but I am pretty much the Lone Ranger down here on being happy about it.  I cannot understand how any woman would not want rights to her own destiny.  I'm not saying one way or another about abortion, just cannot understand how anyone would want to control my rights to make my own informed decision.  I was one of the few lucky ones back in the 60's that never had to face it myself but I accompanied and listened and supported so many friends through difficult choices and know there is not one answer for everyone.  Please, Mr. O, back me up big time on this.  My other big issue is why would anyone stand in the way of someone who WANTS to get married?  I don't care what the gender may be on either side, frankly I don't get why ANYONE would actually want to get married but I know I won't be overthrowing that institution anytime soon.  Please, can't we all just stay out of other people's lives?  

can someone please help me down off this soapbox?  where's my walker?  who has my handbag?do we get tea?

Garamond Powerline font. Way cool

A whole website of Upside Down Dogs

Puppies!   Streaming video, watch 'em sleep and twitch, so cute. Tonight all their little chewy toys are lined up and waiting for them.  

And so it goes.  Tomorrow I have to go find a turkey for our celebration coming up.  I am pretty spoiled coming from New England with a turkey farm down the road, but I think we can make due with some organic bird or other.  If I can't find one to order, I'll get something else, guests be damned.  I already have a 10# bag of cranberries from Costco.  I am antioxydized for life, can feel the pulse of those free radicals running for their lives as I walk by the refrigerator.  

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j.dávila said...

Glad you're back! Thanks for the font fix - it's positively swoon-worthy!!