Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Art Basel Miami

                                                                                  (note to self:  bring breadcrumbs)
Had lunch with a friend yesterday (a platter of sliders so I won't have to eat for practically three days now) and she just got back from Miami where she had been invited to see Art Basel.  This is something I have always wanted to do but getting rooms a year ahead and the hassle of actually getting around while there seemed overwhelming so I haven't bothered- another one of those things like being on Mt. Kilamajaro that I want to just be transported to and from in a climate controlled bubble, making it back in time to watch CSI and sleep in my own bed.

                                                                                          where's sandy???
ANY way---  she gave me the 'catalog' from the show and I am frankly under-whelmed by the actual shows, but amazed and amused by the size of the catalog presented to me at exactly the moment I was amassing great files of pictures to cut up for the collage class.  I had spent the rest of yesterday printing vegetation maps and then pictures of the vegetation represented by the amorphous blobs.  Though the IDEA is there, I haven't yet come up with a plan that will actually work.  Last night at 3 AM I woke up with the idea of Mind Maps, which is of course exactly what I need to do.  And the Art Basel catalog, all 10# of the damn thing, is my fuel.  So, that's what I do today-  cut stuff up, look for interesting juxtapositions, and map the way my mind works.  At least that is the plan at 8 AM.  Check back later for the amended version and maybe a picture in-progress (if I don't short out any of my circuits doing this).

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Deb said...

You were alone in being
underwhelmed. I'm glad I missed
the boat too. Scroll down to the
second post.