Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Glorious Celebration...

will probably be had by somebody!

Doesn't an accordion just smell festive to you too?

So, another year has bitten the dust, but I have a feeling that 2008 isn't done with us yet- residual effects will ripple out for many moons to come.  But, hey, my money is gone and my health is up Shit Creek so it's back to the accordion for all of us!  Such a cheery instrument, how can one feel sorry for oneself when you are busy trying to run away from the sound?  Did you ever read Annie Proulx's book, 'Accordion Crimes'?  I highly recommend it, but then again, I recommend anything she writes.  Damn, she is good.  

We are having some friends in for Chinese food tonight.  They are older and will be out and home in bed by 9, so it will be a perfect night of celebration.  I'll make the rice and tea, the rest will be supplied by good old Gen. Zhang.  If pressed, I could also come up with a cookie or three.  Back when we were parents of little kids, we hated going out for New Years Eve.  Getting a sitter was difficult, being away from the kids was hard since it always seemed we were invited to things great distances away on snowy cold nights, so we started staying home.  To make it special, we always ordered Chinese food and would sit on the floor around the coffee table eating and watching old movies.  The kids would drop off to sleep and we would carry them up to their beds early, and we would make a valiant effort to see the big ball fall, but frankly, I cannot remember ever making it that late.  And as much a part of my pre pubescent life as Dick Clark was, he wasn't a strong enough draw to keep my attention.  I'd spend New years Day picking up little dried grains of white rice from around the table.

And thanks for reading the missing Muse over the past year, thanks for your comments- how I LOVE your comments! And especially thanks for sticking by my happy wallow in old memories.  Look!  I'm smiling!  Have a Happy New Year.  



Terry said...

I am on my third glass of wine and trying to stay awake until midnight. Not good planning. It's eleven now, so I'm closing in on it. I am so tired of 2008. I'd like to think 2009 is a whole new ballgame, but I'm not sure it really works that way.

I know you are eating well. Seven fishes? Sounds good, but complicated. I hope your health issues are resolved soon and without a great deal of to do. Getting old is crap.

Anyway, love your blog. Love your art. Love that you are you and you are there and that you continue to write about it all. Here's hoping for something good in 2009. I think I need another glass of wine if I'm going to make it to midnight.
Love and kisses--(I always was a sloppy drunk) Terry

carrie said...

Love that pic! Happy New Year :)