Thursday, January 01, 2009

Wahoo, the camera has been charged!

Just to prove I am not completely stagnant:

When I got down to FL this past October I was in bad need of a project so went hunting through the stash and pulled out all the sparkly and black threads and ribbon yarns I had on hand.  This pile was mostly things that Lisa had sent me, her leftover stash, and I was glad to get it.  I saved out all the woolly stuff because I can't use it here so this sweater is all cottons and who-knows-what.  I adapted one of those one piece Elizabeth Zimmerman baby surprise sweaters to fit a bit larger person (hmm, no comments please) , started knitting away and discovered that there was a pattern for adults 'out there'.  Now I like this one so much that I guess I won't bother getting the real one.

Also. when I was buying a few additional yarns for the sweater I found rayon cord in the most amazing colorway so I bought one hank-  this stuff was way expensive and I knew I didn't have enough for much so made a little bag from it.  the bag was mostly done but I needed a button before I added the buttonhole in the flap and look at the one I found-  looks like it was meant for this cording!  there is room in this for a cellphone and a lipstick and that dollar bill we were always supposed to carry on a date 'just in case'.  Now it would be more like a $50 and who dates anyhow?  But who knows, maybe I will go somewhere.  Guess it would be a good bag for the Symphony since it doesn't make any noise when you drop it.
And lurking in the back of the dead camera were these shots from the Fiesta of the Seven Fishes dinner:  First, Fougasse, an orange and anise flavored bread that is baked in a leaf shape.  These were about a foot long, and I *thought* way too much for one person but all 6 were gone that evening.  I have an order to do it again.  Soon.  (This was before they were baked-  they got much prettier as they browned but of course I didn't get that picture.)

I had 6 perfect postcards left from a shower invitation I made last spring so printed out the menu mostly as a warning to pace themselves.  These are the new recycled glass plates on their maiden voyage.
And the TJMaxx mercury glass tree, on sale, thank you, for $9.99.  So, now I have a permanent collection of ornaments down here and can dump the boxes and boxes I collected for 35 years back at home.  Truthfully though I find I don't need 'the season' like I used to.  A nice dinner party, a bunch of friends, maybe a card from an old buddy who is thinking about me-  that's great.  Spending a week just decorating the house, ending up flat on my back from stress cooking massive elaborate dinners with no help, having house guests and three parties back to back, shopping, wrapping, meeting every one's expectations-  no thanks, I am done.  

And speaking of being done, my gut has been telling me that I am in a hopeless and dead end situation, and I wasn't paying attention to myself through it.  But I worried and thought about it and read a fortune cookie last night that confirmed my feelings.  Today I got up and did a google and in one shot got all the answers I needed.  I am now able to give it up, keep the better memories and move on from the bad ones.  Sure it's a loss but losing myself too would be a bigger loss.  And with that resolve I am better able to face all the industrial strength fans that are going to be blowing crap at me this month, which, dear reader, you will have to plow through along with me.  But I am one tough broad, and as soon as I can fortify myself with a meatball sub again, I will be invincible.  Believe me-  I am fine again.  Thanks for hanging in with me.

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