Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stuck in the Netherworld

This is me waiting for the paperwork to be completed to spring me. Scampo!   She said it would take a couple of hours.  

OK, I am bored. Nuthin' to do, no supplies to mess with, no fiber to fibre. SO I have spent the morning (since 5 AM when the vampire nurse came to suck my blood) searching around the internet. Lookee what I found- a dog paw print by baloo on etsy! Now don't go racing over to get yours too because I got the only one. What did I do before Paypal?This is actually knitted from Samoyed fur but its a good enough substitute.  Besides, who would know?  All white dogs look alike.  I miss my doggie and figure that if I have her paw facimile (PAW FAX?) with me (no animals were hurt, etc etc.) next time I have to do this, that it will be better. Meanwhile SHE got to run on the beach today with the Big Dogs. Usually all she is a sniffing post as the beach-dog herd surrounds her wondering what strange life-form it may be. And since she won't fall for anything as Labradorishly dumb as chasing balls, they usually run off quickly. She also doesn't like to get her paws wet so stays way up above the surf line. Reminds me of girls basketball back in high school when girls weren't allowed to play the whole court so had to come to screeching halts at the center line. Molly is like that in the surf- it is to be avoided.  

SO. I have another pithy horror-scope today:
You might not like the idea of keeping your thoughts to yourself, but it's probably the most sensible strategy for now. Once you let one little feeling escape, the windows to your soul are thrown open and all your secrets could come pouring out. Even if you know where your boundaries are, it may be hard to stop midstream. Be prudent and keep your secrets to yourself.

Will try my best to keep my big mouth shut,  test of a wobbly will.

(They are feeding me now so you can stop calling OXFAM on my behalf.)


Deb said...

Glad to hear that you've earned early parole.

When I was working for the Handweaver's Guild of America (who knew there were enought to form a guild?) a week didn't go by without someone calling to see who would spin/knit/weave dog fur. brrrrrr..

Stella said...

Hooray for Hazel Ana to be turned loose and too bad for you to be hospitalized.

I am sending 15 below zero good wishes for your quick and complete recovery. We had a huge Minniesoda blizzard and I stepped off my porch this morning into snow up to my knees. Somebody stole my shovel,too.

And you think you've got it bad!

Jo in Minniesoda