Saturday, December 13, 2008

Update, or Upchuck!

Hot news today, there is a 'Psych' marathon on this morning on my hospital tv-  think I am watching the fourth one in a row.  After this one there is a 'Monk' marathon that coincides with my lunch which today is upgraded to oily chicken broth with something clouding it up, vanilla pudding, a 'Health' shake which is milk and artificial sugar according to the ingredients, and a half pint of WHOLE MILK.  Bare in mind I am lactose intolerant so I am having tea for lunch.  Maybe I will fit into some of the clothes from the last diet!  One can hope.

But the reason I am even entering a message today is to tell you all that Hazel was released from the hospital last night.  Everyone is thrilled to close this chapter and watch her continue to grow and thrive back at home.  Thank you all for your clouds of good wishes in this emergency- I know it made a big impact to get the battery information out there and I appreciate all of you who spread the word.  if it prevents one other little kid from going through this, it's worth it.  Thanks!  

"Man plans, God laughs."  And here I sit, hoping both for a plan AND a laugh.


j.dávila said...

I'm so glad to hear about Hazel and so sorry to hear about your hospital stay. If I sent you a piece of dark chocolate and you held it tightly until it melted in your hand, would it count as okay on your liquid diet? LOL

Sending positive energy for a speedy and relatively painless recovery plus the hope for some comic relief. You want I should call my gastro guy? You'd love him, he's a riot! said...

thank you for the up date on hazel. and you, of course. LOL where is the dietician for the hospital when you are lactose intolerant?!! surely she/he could find something you could tolerate. i do hope you will soon be out of there, and doing much better. I'm so glad hazel is now home. what a close call and scary event! I've had a few of those around my children and grandchildren. all turned out well, but there were heart stopping times, for sure. Rosemary

Warty Mammal said...

I'm catching up on old QuiltArt digests and just read about your granddaughter.

I'm so glad the battery was found, so glad she's doing better. I hope her mom and dad won't blame themselves too much. This was a freak accident, and sometimes they do happen despite all of the care and planning. All it takes is being a little tired and turning one's back for literally one second, and little Johnnie has an entire load of socks crammed up his nostrils. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

The important thing is that they sought medical care and didn't stop seeking it. It is so very easy to get snowed if one is a fairly new parent and think "well, the doctors said everything is okay; we must be wrong." Good for them for following their instincts and continuing to pay attention to their daughter's symptoms!

Radish said...

Oh, good, glad to see you and Hazel are both out and doing better!