Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh. I forgot to post...

Yesterday I went to the convention center for palmbeach3, an amazing contemporary art show that is sort of like a small SOFA with galleries from all over the world displaying art.  My two favorites, as always, were the Jane Sauer Gallery where I was drooling over some delicate dyed and  quilted seascapes and making a lot of noise about how beautiful they were when Barbara Lee Smith came up to make sure I wasn't trying to roll one up and beat feet out.  (See her work on the gallery website) I didn't recognize her because I haven't seen her since she was touring with 'Celebrating the Stitch' and she was as lovely as ever.  But my friend was sure impressed I knew her!  The other gallery I really adore is browngrotta out of Chicago.  They specialize also in fiber work with georgous stuff spanning the whole gamut from stitchery to baskets made from tree branches.  Both these websites demand a cup of coffee and a good long time to dig around.

The thing I was most impressed with this time at the show was the photography, mainly because of the displays of digital images from the early 80's on.  Ordinarily I don't take much time in the photograph aisles but this time I did and was very impressed with the scope of things going on.  Plus it was fun to see my old favorites, William Wegman, who went to Mass Art, and the Starn twins, graduates of the Museum School in Boston.  I've followed them since their undergrad days when they made big waves with their 'deconstructed' photographs, until now when they are doing some extremely traditional studio portraits (well, the subjects aren't traditional, just the methods).  No more scotch tape holding things together!

I've been so busy with my new Facebook pages. Someone asked me to join, so I went to see what it was all about, thought it was for high school kids to talk dirty and collect people they don't really know. Well, somehow without realizing it, I joined up so I could see who's on and immediately found two old high school friends that I had lost touch with. One was a wonderful good friend for years that I always regretted getting away from but there she was (and I was right- she can talk dirty even though long past high school!) And hey, with all my fiber connections I ended up with a good long list of people I "know" though haven't met, a bunch I met years ago and have kept in touch with, and some newer artists who's work I admire. Nice! Gotta admit that my list is pretty man-less though. I will suggest to Facebook that they have a search category for old boyfriends! Of course all my old boyfriends are now old wrinkly men who have recently been wiped out by their financial advisors, so perhaps I shouldn't actually do that search. Let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak.

I think I have completely finished the parrot quilt-let here:
If I can get the dreaded machine to make the circles that are supposed to be SOOOOO easy, I will add a few to hold down the berry-things. That's it. And then I will let the sleeping parrots lie too.

And speaking of sleeping and lying- we had to break down and have Molly shaved. Her coat had become so matted while I was away that working on her for several hours a day wasn't even making a dent. So off to the groomer we went and out came the buzzer and this is what w ended up with- she is so skinny I didn't recognize her.  I had to move her collar up a notch and she can still slide out!

The good news is that her old bouncy self is back, she doesn't get tired and hot on our walks in the sun, and she doesn't pant all night long. So, I know she is much more comfortable, not to mention 10# lighter. I will try to keep her at a medium length, not a show coat any more.

So, I found this interesting bit yesterday: "Gourmand syndrome": eating passion associated with right anterior lesions.
Regard M, Landis T.
University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland.
We present a new benign eating disorder associated with lesions involving parts of the right anterior cerebral hemisphere. This "gourmand" syndrome describes a preoccupation with food and a preference for fine eating. Two exemplary case reports illustrate this new syndrome. Analysis of the clinical and anatomical data of 36 patients who displayed this behavior revealed, in 34, a strong association with lesion location in the right anterior part of the brain involving cortical areas, basal ganglia, or limbic structures. Our finding provides further evidence of a correlation between right hemispheric damage, eating, and other impulse control disorders. We conjecture that the serotonergic system subserves different functions in the left and right hemisphere.
So be it, LOVE those anterior lesions!  Now watch this- my impulse control at work...

What do I do when talking about my gourmand tendencies? I post my marshmallow explosions! Hey, we all have different turn-ons. Nothing is more fun that sticking a plate of marshmallows into the microwave and cooking on high for a minute. They get gi-normous, then collapse back down when you pull 'em out. Then, because they will stick to you like napalm if you put your finger in one, you have to wait to eat them. And if you can defer your gratification tendencies for overnight, when you wake up the reward is marshmallows have turned to crunchy little meringues! Breakfast Perfection. Is there any wonder why I have gut problems? Marshmallows, nature's perfect food.  No white flour, no fat, no fiber to get caught up on a convoluted colon!  Something I can eat besides fish.  Yeaaaaa.

Oh, I do go on.  Sorry.


j.dávila said...

Oh, dude! Now I have to leave the house and brave a snowstorm to buy me some marshmallows to try out your secret recipe. I always thought chocolate was the perfect food (same reason - no fiber), but your suggestion might be a close second!


Del said...

WOW! That is a gourmet treat I didn't need to learn about! Gotta run to the store for some commercial marshmallows.
What kind of a dog is Molly? Poodle? Bijon? Or...?

The parrot piece is quite wonderful - the berries are inspired.

meggie said...

Oh Molly! We had to take Leo & he was shaved right down to his skin! He looked so skinny & funny with his puffy ears & face. Even his tail was shaved! His wool is so thick & curly, & we refuses to let us groom him, so we try to make cutting raids with tons of rewards, but now it is so hot, he needs another shave.
I enjoyed this post!

PaMdora said...

Okay, I had to stop reading for a minute to go make a cup of hot cocoa and marshmellows. And I thought you could only cook them over a burner on the fork!