Monday, January 12, 2009

Today was a 9+

Early I walked with the Walking Nazi through the most amazing fog this morning.  It was a bit chilly and the silence from the fog made the whole morning eerie.  I then went home to grab something to eat and headed for my new therapist who has my number big time.  She makes 'suggestions' and gives me little assignments, and then actually hugs me when I leave.  She is an amazing woman with lots of relevant experiences and I was so lucky to find her.  I am actually feeling much better lately now that I am getting all my health crap taken care of drop by drop, but I am going to continue with her until we go back home just because she is so smart.   Anyway, it seems I now have enough focus to spend studio time which is exactly what I need to be doing.

So, while I was in her waiting room my friend called because her daughter and baby granddaughter are visiting so she invited me to meet them for lunch.  The baby was so cute, just a bit over a year old and wearing little crocs and being quite insistent on what she wanted and how it was to be provided!  She had a nutritious lunch of french fries and Fig Newtons, seems that is her preferred meal these days, and then we went over to the fish pond to feed the koi.  The damn koi population was all but wiped out last year when something carniverous got into the pond but it was restocked with a bunch of new skinny fish that have grown now to between 2' and 3' long and the most vibrant colors.  Seems just about everybody feeds them because they follow you around the pool with their mouths open doing their Flipper imitation with their heads up out of the water.  The baby was screaming to get into the pond with them and throwing fish food everywhere and loving it.  She was adorable to watch so I volunteered to be a faux grandma anytime.

Got on my bike and rode home, played with Molly, and headed into the studio where I finished up two pieces.  Pictures tomorrow if I get to it.  Poked my head out about 4 and started dinner, then went back to work for another 2 hours.  I am on a roll.  


j.dávila said...

It sounds like your day rocked! That's awesome.

meggie said...

Del sent me, & I am very glad I came. I would like to see a pic of Molly? I take it she is a Samoyed?
I love your parrots!