Friday, January 23, 2009

"Sandy, Oprah Needs Your Help Monday Night!"

Yes, an actual email from Oprah in my in box. Too bad it was an ad for a book, but I am putting it here as my little brush with the Great One, something I can refer to when tims are bleak, when the cable is out, when I drink the Koolade.

If ever I resort to thievery, I think I will go through Oprah's garbage and become her, at least for a few on line purchases. Anybody got her SS#? I'd like to check what my/her monthly pay out is when I/she turn 65. Last time I looked at my own safe little pile of funds, I will be collecting almost $200 a month! Yahoo- that's what happens when you teach and don't deposit into SS, instead opting to pay the teachers retirement fund and then retiring and taking the money out to buy a chest of drawers. Then, when I resumed teaching a few years later, I didn't pay anything into retirement because I was only part time and didn't have to. Why, if I di, I betcha I would have maybe $50 more a month squirreled away. Sigh. It's too late to find a second husband now that I have passed the Cute Years and entered into the She's Clean and Makes Her Own Clothes Years.

More later when I get back from Sur la Table where I am looking for a cake pan that will actually hold the batter without collapsing. (I am not a fan of silicone baking pans, can you tell?)


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

If she comes to the opening of my show tomorrow I'll ask her!

PaMdora said...

Well Oprah's never written me! haha