Saturday, January 24, 2009

So What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear..

not a damn reindeer, but instead Rayna Gillman! Seems she has been on a tour of Florida working her way down the west coast and leaving her bits of teaching wisdom like breadcrumbs wherever she goes. I got home from whatever it was I was doing wasting time and there was a message from her that she was in town so I invited her to get lost (unintentionally) on a ride to my house where she could take off her shoes and we could catch up.

Great to see her and fun to find out that the people she likes are the same ones I like . I got so involved with our catching up that I burned the snausages (oops, I mean sausages!) and forgot a salad I had thrown together. I am definitely the hostess with the leastest these days. Lucky for me I had finally made Nigella's clementine cake, but unlucky for me it was still raw in the center. If you google it (and that's where I got it), and have a box of clementines to use up, make sure you leave it in a full hour and I would suggest a 9" pan instead of 8" pan to get it done in the middle.

So, what have I been doing, you ask. Not much, just knitting and hemming pants since I seem to b getting shorter or my heels are getting higher- all the fun stuff. I ordered a neat piece of jewelry from my favorite plastics emporium and it arrived with a rusted out pinback that I had to replace- read that as pry off with a screwdriver, bend off the screws, and pull out the pin with the Big Pliers. Actually I had to buy a package of 64 pinbacks to get one, then I had to go out again when I discovered all my glues had dried to solid clumps in the summer heat. Finally I can now wear my pin- don't you just know that I am fated to lose it and walk around for the day with a gluey pinback on my blouse. I have assigned reading so that is the rest of today's duty, then I can wing into CSI which for me is the strongest sleeping pill available over the airwaves. Like they say, Fun in the Sun.

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Rayna said...

Forgot to mention in my photo-less blog how delicious the clementine cake was. Made me want to find the recipe. Ahem - "It should come out very moist and syrupy."
I KNEW that cake was perfect! Can't wait to try it when I get home.